Latinos and the New South

By Levine Museum of the New South

DefinitionLevine Museum of the New South

Overview // Descripción General

Over the past 30 years, the South has unexpectedly emerged as the nation’s most vibrant area of Latino growth. Cities like Atlanta, Birmingham and Charlotte are changing, and the transformation can be seen in a variety of ways. This exhibit explores how the South is shaping Latinos and Latinos are shaping the South. // En los últimos 30 años, el Sur de los Estados Unidos ha surgido inesperadamente como la zona más importante de la nación en términos del crecimiento de la comunidad latina. Ciudades como Atlanta, Birmingham y Charlotte están cambiando y la transformación puede verse de diversas maneras. Esta exhibición explora cómo el Sur está cambiando a los latinos y como los latinos están cambiando al Sur. 

EncuentrosLevine Museum of the New South


The original exhibit was divided into interactive, bilingual sections shaped around the concept of encuentros. Each section representing different aspects of the Latino experience in the South. // La exhición se divide en secciones interactivas y bilingües en torno al tema “encuentros”. Cada sección representa diferentes aspectos de la experiencia latina en el sur.

Honoring/HomenajeLevine Museum of the New South

"We are here for the experience . . . just to be a part of our city, be in our community, and get to share our beliefs and our loved ones to everyone who comes into the Levine Museum."

Building/ConstrucciónLevine Museum of the New South

Building the New South. Entrepreneurs Joel and Isabel Rivera have created a business empire in Alabama.

Cooperation/CooperaciónLevine Museum of the New South

"It was a community response of self defense." The Latino Community Credit Union in North Carolina serves Latinos and non-Latinos, becoming a national model.

Renaissance/RenacimientoLevine Museum of the New South

Latinos revitalize small southern towns. For example, Latinos change the economic and social life of Gainesville, GA.

Bridges/PuentesLevine Museum of the New South

"We are not here to take away anything from you - we are here to contribute." Community service as a bridge builder between newcomers and receiving community.

Power/InfluenciaLevine Museum of the New South

The Rising Latino Vote. "Latino vote is growing, and Latino power is increasing."

Struggle/LuchaLevine Museum of the New South

Civil Rights – inspiring and encouraging activism. The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice (ACIJ) learns from civil rights leaders as they fight against anti-immigrant law HB56.

Dreamers/VisionariosLevine Museum of the New South

Education for all. Undocumented youth organizing for change.

Fusion/FusiónLevine Museum of the New South

Encuentros create new sounds. Stirring the musical melting pot - different musical traditions mix to create new sounds.

El Papalote Mágico (The Magic Kite)Levine Museum of the New South

Using Art to tell the story and heal a community. Artist Rosalia Torres Weiner uses art to help children whose parents are in deportation proceedings.

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