DIY: Make Your Own Zine

Art director, designer and skater Chris Luu explores the value of DIY for self-expression in the arts, and teaches you how to make your own zine

By Museum of Freedom and Tolerance

Chris Luu & Duncan Wright

Chris Luu

Born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, Chris Luu is an art director at Johannes Leonardo in New York City - as well as a skater for Vans Australia, a graphic designer, photographer, and all-round DIY artist.

Chris is passionate about the value of DIY for self-expression - about its accessibility to anyone, anytime, as long as you've got an idea. For him, it's the gateway to a larger art practice, a way to express your ideas without barriers.

Chris Luu (2020) by Duncan WrightMuseum of Freedom and Tolerance

The reason I love zines is you get to quench your creative thirst and create something you can actually feel. You don't need a big publishing house to create your own print - just an idea and a few other easy-to-get bits 'n' bobs. - Chris Luu

Chris Luu: Make Your Own Zine (2020) by Chris Luu and Duncan WrightMuseum of Freedom and Tolerance

Chris Luu: Make Your Own Zine

Chris makes his own zine, titled Facebook, featuring scanned iPhone photos of his friends. This short film is made in collaboration with Perth-based artist Duncan Wright.

Workshop: Make Your Own Zine

Just find: scissors, glue, marker, A4 paper, staples, printer & scanner, masking tape (optional), and, most importantly - an idea.

Here's how I make zines. (Before all this have your big idea ready.)

1. Fold your A4 paper in half and stack them together like a small pamphlet. Consider how big you want to make your zine. This will be your master to make copies of.

2. Fill the pages up with content. You can either: Scan & print your art, print photographs, write or draw.

3. If you're writing or drawing, use the masking tape or another piece of paper so it doesn't bleed into the next page (unless you like that effect).

4. Cut out your printed artworks with scissors.

5. Glue your artworks into the master copy.

6. Scan your master pages individually. To make a double-sided zine don't forget to return the printed page back into your printer.

7. Once you have printed a copy, staple the spine twice.

8. Store it away for later or share it with your friends. Enjoy!

Credits: Story

Zine by Chris Luu

Short film by Duncan Wright. Duncan (b.1990) is a West Australian based photographer who works somewhere between a documentary, editorial and commercial practice.

Duncan has exhibited his works both locally and internationally and his work is held in various private collections. He spends a lot of time wandering the streets of Fremantle with his dog Tjanpi. 

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