T. G. Masaryk Saloon Coach 1

A technical, art and craft gem of the “First Republic“. Part one

T. G. Masaryk in front of train on the trainstation in Horní Dvořiště after returning to Czechoslovakia on 20th of December 1918 (1918-12-20) by unknownMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

T. G. M. at Horní Dvořiště railway station (20. 12. 1918)

Railway played important role in the life of the first Czechoslovakian president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. He used it often and with pleasure during his travels at home and abroad . It was one of the most important means of transport during his life

Saloon coach of TGM

The new saloon coach number AAZ-1-0060 featured top European rail technology of its time. The coach was designed to be the most suitable for the contemporary demands for comfort and convenience. The interior of saloon coach was designed by an experienced architect Albert Jonáš.

T. G. Masaryk in saloon coach (1930) by unknownMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

T. G. Masaryk in the original saloon coach 

For Masaryk railway started to be important not only for transporting, but also for representation. In 1930, on his 80th birthday, the President T. G. Masaryk received new high quality saloon coach produced in the Ringhoffer races a. s., Praha - Smíchov.

Saloon coach in Ringhoffer factory (1930) by unknownMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

Saloon coach in the Ringhoffer races (1930)

A commission inspection saloon coach TG Masaryk was held in the spring of 1930 on the factory in Ringhoffer races. At front of the photo Railways Minister Mlčoch (middle), to his right is by CEO Group Hanus Ringhoffer. On the left side of the image we can see Chancellor Šámal.

Photo of construction of vehicle body of saloon coach. (1929-11-18) by unknownMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

Photo from the construction of the car body of the coach

Photo of chassis of saloon coach of T. G. Masaryk. (1930) by unknownMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

Chassis of the saloon coach (1930)

Detail of chassis of saloon coach of T. G. Masaryk. (1930-02-23) by Daniela VokounováMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

Detail of the chassis (1930)

Detail of ventilation body decorated with flowers. (1930) by Daniela VokounováMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

Ventilation element of coach

Saloon coach of T. G. Masaryk (1930) by Ringhoffer factory, Praha - SmíchovMuseum T. G. Masaryk Lany

zvuk lokomotiva

Saloon coach Aaz-1-0060

Until 1967 was used by other presidents too. Due to its “masarykian” past, there was a danger of total destruction. In 1969 employees of ŽOS Czech Velenice transferred it to the factory grounds, where it was exposed. In 1991 the coach has been restored and put into operation.

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Text: Daniela Vokounová, Magdalena Elznicová Mikesková
Photo: Daniela Vokounová
Camera: David Daenemark
Archival photo: Archiv Výzkumného ústavu kolejových vozidel.
Special thanks to: Muzeum Českých drah Lužná u Rakovníka, http://www.cdmuzeum.cz/

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