How Atlanta Influences the World

Locally, nationally, and globally, Atlanta makes an impact

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Earth Observations taken by Expedition 30 crewmember (2012-01-29)NASA

Local Atlantans don't need telling twice: their city is special. It's a cultural, historical, and political hotbed with a unique vibe and a strong identity.   

But the influence of Georgia's capital extends far beyond the city limits. Atlanta has fundamentally changed the face of the United States, and in many ways has altered the cultural history of the entire world. Scroll on for some key examples...

2 Chainz by Cam Kirk and Cam Kirk StudiosBottom of the Map Podcast


Perhaps Atlanta's most significant contribution to the global cultural landscape is its music. Not only has a near-endless roster of Atlantan artists written its name into the history of hip-hop and popular music worldwide, but these musicians also wear their heritage with pride.

They bring their music to the world, but also their identity as representatives of their unique city. Here, 2Chainz poses in front of the skyline of his hometown, proudly sporting an Atlanta F.C. shirt. 

Andre 3000 by Cam Kirk and Cam Kirk StudiosBottom of the Map Podcast

Atlanta's contribution to modern and contemporary music is impossible to overstate. Outkast are just one of so many genre-defining and innovative musical acts to have made their home and found their voice in Atlanta's streets.

Killer Mike by Cam KirkBottom of the Map Podcast

Musician and activist, Killer Mike, is a prominent creative and critical voice for the city. 

He's photographed here by Cam Kirk, a legendary photographer/videographer who has given Atlanta's voice the look and vibe to match since moving to the city in 2007.

CyHi the Prynce by Cam KirkBottom of the Map Podcast

Born in Maryland, Kirk quickly made Atlanta his home after arriving as a Freshman. His photographs continue to help define the forward-looking, globally-influential personality of Georgia's capital. 

SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + FilmSCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film

Fashion and Design

From the streets to the runway, Atlanta's flair for fashion is legendary. 

Here at SCAD FASH, the history and aesthetics of fashion are celebrated and collected. You can explore their collections here.

Sheath dress (2012) by Norma KamaliSCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film

Daring and innovative designs by boundary-breaking designers are on display. Atlanta also hosts an International Fashion Week every year, inviting over 400 designers and connecting the continents through design and clothing.

Gucci Mane by Cam Kirk and Cam Kirk StudiosBottom of the Map Podcast

But it's not just the runways which give Atlanta its signature look. The wealth of musical and artistic talent nurtured by the city has been a strong source of inspiration for fashion in Atlanta and beyond.

Say It Loud! (2003) by Luba LukovaMuseum of Design Atlanta (MODA)

And design doesn't just find its voice in clothing. Atlanta-based designer, Luba Lukova, creates images which she hopes can catalyze local and global action on issues such as gender inequality and climate change.

Civil Rights

Atlanta is the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., perhaps the most influential Civil Rights leader in US history and a global symbol for social and political reform and Black rights to this day.  

Lewis Marshall on the Selma to Montgomery March, Alabama (1965/1965) by James KaralesHigh Museum of Art

The city continues to be at the heart of the struggle for justice amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

U.S. Captiol Building (2008-06-23) by NASA/Bill IngallsNASA

US Politics

It's no exaggeration to say that the eyes of the entire world are turned on the United States during the Presidential elections, and it's also no exaggeration to say that Atlanta played a critical role in deciding the country's new President. 

Atlanta Map Graphic (2016) by Georgia Public BroadcastingGeorgia Public Broadcasting

In 2021, for example, mass movements in the city of Atlanta to help register more black voters and young voters than ever before saw the State of Georgia vote Democrat for the first time since 1992.

This was a key swing victory in a Democratic election win.

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