Masterpiece Craftworks

Introduction of contemporary Korean craftworks that have become art as objects of appreciation

Lengthened Time 080501-1.2.35 (2007) by Chang YeonsoonKorea Craft & Design Foundation

As the base of the craft market expands and deepens, more and more works have become art in their own right. Being objects and installations, their point of moving viewers expands from hand skills to emotional aspects, and those works evoke transcendental inspiration.

Afterimage (2020) by Choi Byung HoonKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Choi Byung Hoon, "Afterimage 2020"

Choi Byung Hoon created a new genre that he referred to as “art furniture.” He worked on this piece with dao (道) and zen (禪) in mind—both traditional philosophies that penetrated his work—as its motifs mainly draw on basalt and ash trees.

Lengthened Time 080501-1.2.35 (2007) by Chang YeonsoonKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Chang Yeonsoon, "Lengthened Time 080501-1.2.35"

Textile artist Chang Yeonsoon’s work. This was completed by adding indigo dye and sewing to abaca fabric. It is a kind of textile sculpture consisting of 11 pieces of different sculptures in a cluster.

Icicle Flower (2012) by Lee SanghyeobKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Sanghyeob, "Icicle Flower"

Metal artist Lee Sanghyeob creates huge sculptures by beating a silver plate, which is one of the noble metals. He even hammers thousands or tens of thousands of times to make a moon jar with a maximum diameter of 63 centimeters.

An Artisan's Room or an Architect’s Bowl (2018) by Lee Hun ChungKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Hun Chung, "An Artisan's Room or an Architect’s Bowl"

This is one of the best-known works by Lee Hun Chung, an artist who presents sculptures and architectural structures using clay as his main material. A large-scale work presented in 2018, this work is a “wooden house” measuring 2.8 meters wide and long.

Synchronicity (2020) by Lee Seung HeeKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Seung Hee, "Synchronicity"

Ceramist Lee Seung Hee works both in Jingdezh, China, and Korea. He presented this work for an exhibition held at the Clayarch Gimhae Museum in 2020. Lee created a “universe” by filling an entire space with ceramic plates in various colors.

Composition in Blue (2020) by Lee KwanghoKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Kwangho, "Composition in Blue"

This is the latest work by Lee Kwang-Ho, who became a world-class artist through his “Knot” series, which present things like chairs and tables by closely weaving wires. The photo is a view of the Composition in Blue exhibition held at Leeahn Gallery in 2020.

Words of the Creation by Son SeungheeKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Son Seunghee, "Words of the Creation"

One of the best-known works by artist Seunghee Son, who works on supersized stained glass. It was completed by manually cutting transparent colored glass into pieces and attaching mosaic to emphasize transparency and gluing other pieces of colored glass onto it.

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