#FaunaOfMirrors: Material Evidence

Where faces and places are markers of histories.

By Chennai Photo Biennale

Chennai Photo Biennale 2019

Venue: Cholamandal Artists' Village, Chennai

The Cholamandal Village is a serene set-up, displaying works of upcoming and established artists, painters and sculptors from South India. It was built in 1966 and houses an art gallery, museum and an amphitheatre for theatre performances.

Open Your Eyes (Intsallation View) (2010) by Kader AttiaChennai Photo Biennale

Exhibiting Artists

Kader Atia | France
Munem Wasif | Bangladesh

Open Your Eyes (Intsallation View) (2010) by Kader AttiaOriginal Source: Artist Website

Open Your Eyes

By Kader Attia (IND)

Kader Attia spent several years in Congo and in South America. The experience with these different cultures, the histories of which over centuries have been characterised by rich trading traditions, colonialism and multi-ethnic societies, has fostered Kader Attia’s intercultural and interdisciplinary approach of research.

For many years, he has been exploring the perspective that societies have on their history, especially as regards experiences of deprivation and suppression, violence and loss, and how this affects the evolving of nations and individuals — each of them being connected to collective memory. Read more 

Land of undefined territory (Intsallation View) (2017) by Munem WasifOriginal Source: Artist Website

Land of Undefined Territory

By Munem Wasif (IND)

Jomin o Joban is an account of personal relationships with land and its ever- changing forms, intertwining issues of borders, territory, economy, and political ecology. Each of Wasif’s works are closely connected on an intrinsic level; from the loss of lands, through to the struggles of seeds and agriculture, and the decline of heavy industry.

Shot in the border territory between Bangladesh and India, Land of Undefined Territory is a suite of 28 photographic prints that presents us with repetitive frames, showing barren landscapes that appear to hold no significant geographical, nor political identity. A land that could be anywhere; but crucially is not. At its core, Jomin o Joban is a tale of land, connecting the stories, promises - held and broken, and disparate realities of modern Bengal. Read More

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