Nipsey Hussle Tribute

Honoring Nipsey Hussle with artwork, physical memorabilia, and a wood piece of his most recent album.

Nipsey Hussle - Crenshaw (2019-09-02) by Trap Music MuseumTrap Music Museum


Crenshaw is the area of Los Angeles that Nipsey Hussle grew up in. It is the home of his Marathon Clothing Store, and is the title of Nipsey's eighth official mixtape.

Tributes and the Victory Lap

The wood piece is a design based off of Nipsey's most recent album, Victory Lap. Along with the physical tribute from Nipsey's memorial. 

"The Marathon" Artwork and Stories Combined

This Acrylic on Canvas is made by "BK The Artist" honoring the Life of Nipsey Hussle. Exhibit can be viewed in the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta, Georgia

The Marathon, Nipsey Hussle (2020-04-02) by Brian KirhagisTrap Music Museum

A Multidimensional Marathon (Nipsey Hussel)

Let's explore an art piece where the artist focuses on giving multiple stories. All in one single frame.  

Weaving Together Multiple Images

BK's has a signature technique of weaving together double images and hidden elements using shape and color allows him to tell a story through his art. As we can see in this image, it show the important layers of Nipsey's Legacy. 

Art Blended With Legacy

With special moments within the art, B.K uses the space to give more to Nipsey's story. The artwork shows that his music also had a focus on Nipsey's community, family, and what how he inspired millions. 

Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics

Nipsey was Integral to his community. With the Hustle and Motivation to buy property along with incubating a technology academy in his neighborhood. He had a goal to be a bridge between Silicon Valley and the inner city. The Trap Music Museum honors his legacy and inspiration.

Family and Love

With many contrasts of the color spectrum, B.K the Artist, shows the audience the components of the close ones of Nipsey.

Culture and Research

The beauty of this piece, is that is allows the user to do their own research to not only understand the symbols within the artwork. It also gives knowledge on the culture that Nipsey grew up in and wanted to improve upon.

Throwback Imagery and Commemoration

“BK THE ARTIST” made sure to not just bring in moments of Nipsey's life. He also took people back to a younger version of Nipsey, but still blending the art with other milestones of his life.

A Tribute to the Marathon

In this section of the art, the artist explores the tribute that Nipsey's fans and family gave to him. At the location where he put his heart and soul into, for his community. 


Profilic is the infamous Tattoo that Nipsey had. Which summed up his characteristics, with a goal of production and growth. Not just for himself, but also to inspire those in the world. 

A Larger Than Art Story

BK The Artist gives the viewer countless imagery, almost storyboard like. Showing many moments, thoughts, and stories in a single piece.

Slauson Avenue

Slauson and Crenshaw is the intersection where Nipsey left a powerful mark on the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, where he was raised. 

The Marathon Continues

Being the name of Nipsey Hussle's 2011 mixtape. This became the name of the movement. This art piece defines that, as it is a rotation of progress when you explore it. 

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