A Different Kind of Safari

On a photo hunt for forest dwellers in Slovenian forests

You can also experience the excitement of a safari in Slovenia. 

But here you won’t observe lions, elephants and giraffes through the binoculars or a camera.   

Wildlife safari by Ciril JazbecSlovenian Tourist Board

You will be on the lookout for bears, lynx and other magnificent yet shy dwellers in Slovenian forests. Will you be joining us on this forest adventure? 🐻🦉🐺

Brown bear by Cristine SonvillaSlovenian Tourist Board

Photo hunt for a bear

Some one thousand bears live in Slovenia, which places it among the countries with the highest density of bears in the world. Most bears live in the Kočevsko forests, but some are also found in the Karst and Notranjska forests.

Brown bear by Cristine SonvillaSlovenian Tourist Board

The chances of coming across a bear in its natural environment are very slim and most people would no doubt rather avoid such an encounter. 

Bear watching in Kočevje forest by CJ STUDIO d.o.o., photo Ciril JazbecSlovenian Tourist Board

However, a special experience awaits you in Slovenian forests. In the company of an experienced guide and expert, you can observe these impressive animals at a short distance.

Wildlife safari by Ciril JazbecSlovenian Tourist Board

In the pristine forests of the Lož Valley in the Notranjska region, you can set out deep into the forest, accompanied by a guide, to locations known only to a few wilderness experts familiar with bear habits. 

Wildlife safari by Ciril JazbecSlovenian Tourist Board

Special lookouts are set up there from which, with a bit of luck, you will be able to catch a glimpse of a bear in its natural habitat through binoculars or a camera. 

Brown bear by Srdjan Živulović - BoboSlovenian Tourist Board

Hello, mister bear 🐻📸

Wildlife safari by Ciril JazbecSlovenian Tourist Board

This is a bear- and people-friendly boutique experience which won the 2018 Sejalec Award for the best tourist product.

Forests of Kočevsko by Ciril JazbecSlovenian Tourist Board

In the footsteps of the brown bear 🐾

Somewhat less literally – or not, you can set out on a walk or a hike in the footsteps of a bear in various parts of Slovenia where this large carnivore lives. Follow the bear paw symbol on the 64-kilometre-long Rog Hiking Trail in the Kočevsko forest. Shorter walking trails can also be found on the plateaus and forests of the Notranjska region.

Jelenov Greben by Andrej TarfilaSlovenian Tourist Board

Jelenov greben deer farm 🦌

At the other end of Slovenia, among the vine-growing hills and thermal springs of the Kozjansko region near Podčetrtek and Olimje, you can encounter a special group of animals. On the eight-hectare large estate of Jelenov greben, a herd of some one hundred bucks, does and mouflons grazes. An experience particularly tailored to the youngest visitors.

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✏️ Article by: Slovenian Tourist Board
📷 Photography by: Ciril Jazbec, Cristine Sonvilla, Srdjan Živulović - Bobo

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