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Ms DesireNotting Hill Carnival

Ms Desire

Ms Desire’s love for soca music has garnered global recognition for her talented contributions over the years, but she’s just getting started. Currently the reigning UK Groovy Soca Monarch, Desire has consistently released music since she began her journey in 2008. 

Ms DesireNotting Hill Carnival

"It’s challenging to put real life situations into song form but it’s exciting. While music remains at the forefront, Ms Desire has also established business ventures such as her award winning creative agency Desire&Aspire, her Notting Hill Carnival section Infinite which she designs and makes the costumes herself; and her latest venture Endless Summer which brings the hottest styles in fashion all year round."

Ms DesireNotting Hill Carnival

What are the challenges of being a woman in Carnival?

"The main challenge I face being a female soca artist is that it’s a very male dominated space. This means I have to work twice as hard to be acknowledged and even harder to take up the same space in regards to shows as my male counterparts."

"There has been a massive rise of female artists of late, which has levelled the playing field a bit; but there's still struggles for us females."

Ms DesireNotting Hill Carnival

Any advice for a young woman coming up in your field?

"The advice I would give to young female soca artists is to believe in yourself and don’t focus too much on vanity metrics. The music industry has become such a numbers game nowadays, which often discourages newer artists when they aren’t hitting the same numbers of streams on their music or haven’t got a huge social media following."

"I always say, focus on the music you’re putting out. Make sure you’re putting your best step forward every single time and believe in the work you put out. Once you focus on that, your tribe will find you and you’ll most definitely be successful."

Elimu (2013)Notting Hill Carnival

What's your favourite memory of Carnival?

"My favourite memory of carnival is from when I was around six or seven years old and my mum let me play mas in costume for the first time. I remember fussing over my costume all week and could not wait to put it on."

Ms DesireNotting Hill Carnival

Name a woman who inspires you and why?

"Alison Hinds inspires me on so many levels. Her strength and presence is second to none and I admire how she is able to continue her legacy till this day. She is still putting out hit records and her performances are always fantastic. Also, we’re both from Barbados!"

Watch Ms Desire's virtual performance from Notting Hill Carnival, 2020. 

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