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Edwin Outwater conducts Metallica in concert by Ralph-LarmannHarrisonParrott Foundation

Edwin Outwater, conductor: LGBTQ labels

You have a biological family with whom you may or may not be close to through this process. And then you also find your what Armistead Maupin said is a 'logical family', which is people who support you as a queer person, and you can identify with 

Sculpture By Picasso (1950-07) by Gjon MiliLIFE Photo Collection

Christina Scheppelmann Seattle Opera: let's talk about it!

"It enriches the conversation and enriches people’s perspective and minds, to discuss the topics that maybe not are not comfortable for everybody. We’ll just talk about it, bring it up, be aware of it, enrich your horizon and see that the world is much more varied than your own"

Headshot of mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton by BreeAnneClowdusHarrisonParrott Foundation

Jamie Barton Mezzo-soprano: reducing inequality

There is inequality just in terms of representation of who is hired. Nurturing of these people, opening our industry up, and welcoming people in and attracting people from all walks of life is such a monumental task, but it’s 1,000% worth it and we’ve got to do it. 

The Culture Bar: LGBTQ+ Awareness and Representation in the Arts by HarrisonParrottHarrisonParrott Foundation

LGBTQ clip gac

LGBTQ+ Awareness & Representation in the Arts

Listen to Jamie Barton talk more about LGBTQ+ labels within the arts industry.

Book Negs. Classical Music (1958) by Gjon MiliLIFE Photo Collection

Dobrinka Tabakova composer: composers in lockdown

"there was an immediate solidarity of creative thinkers, of organisers and commissioners, sending us creatives a signal that we’re not giving up, we’re still going to be there, continue writing, what you’re doing is relevant and people want to hear what you’re doing"

Mozart At Lincoln Center (1991-01-27) by Ted ThaiLIFE Photo Collection

James Murphy RPS: COVID impact on women musicians

"COVID has been the great leveller. We’re all starting from the same place. And from that we’ve just seen this extraordinary outpouring from all sorts of different people and genders, but of course it’s notable to me that women in music have been proven to be incredible"

By Gjon MiliLIFE Photo Collection

Sarah Alexander NYO: supporting young musicians

"sharing actually helps to consolidate learning, and that sharing is the right thing to do, let’s build a musical community together. And let’s be generous with our art form. That also it helps them to feel that agency over what’s happening in their art form going forward"

The Culture Bar: Celebrating Women in Music by HarrisonParrottHarrisonParrott Foundation

womens podcast clip gac_mixdown

Celebrating Women in Music

Listen to Sarah Alexander talk about how she is inspired by young people in orchestras especially during COVID19

Headshot photo of folk singer and activist Sam Lee by Sam LeeHarrisonParrott Foundation

Sam Lee, Folk singer: Climate emergency & the arts

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast… the arts is going to be one of the most powerful influences on battling climate change. We just need to make sure that art can survive, and can proliferate. And that we’re supporting artists in helping to paint a better future, for everyone"

Aeroplane (2021) by Zero Design LimitedNational Galleries Scotland: Portrait

Crispin Woodhead, OAE: responsibility of climate change

"it shouldn’t be a matter of finance, it should be a matter of absolute solemn social responsibility that that system is maintained. This crucial issue of facilitating local decision making, is important, they need direction from governments who feel the pinch of accountability"

Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889 (1888) by James EnsorThe J. Paul Getty Museum

Alex Sobel, MP: taxation to reduce carbon emissions

"if you plan your tour around rail, or buses and lorries, particularly if they’re electric or hydrogen, then then obviously it will reduce the cost of the tour. And the government, no government has yet taken up the free comply tax idea. But it does need global action."

The Culture Bar: How the arts can respond to the climate emergency by HarrisonParrottHarrisonParrott Foundation

environment podcast clip gac

How the Arts can Respond to the Climate Emergency

Listen to Sam Lee talk about Music Declares Emergency and how this organisation is trying to make real changes to the classical music industry

The Perseus and Andromeda fountain 'firing' at Witley CourtOriginal Source: Witley Court

Prof Corinne Fowler: let's talk about contested heritage

"We need to stop weaponising history and think about having a conversation across all divides... it's enriching to know more about the world... more knowledge is good and less knowledge is bad, so let's have less shredding documents & more invitations to explore those histories"

East Room by James HobanThe White House

Lord Ed Vaizey: Living histories

history is a living thing and every generation is entitled to interpret historical events through the prism of their own current values and morals.  I think it’s a nuanced debate...  it’s become this sort of heated debate where you’re forced to take a side and if you pick the wrong side, you’re somehow in trouble

The Culture Bar: Contested Heritage by HarrisonParrottHarrisonParrott Foundation

contested podcast clip gac

Contested Heritage

Hear professor Corinne Fowler's definition of contested heritage in the context of British history.

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