Pietro da Cortona: 5 works

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Woman Holding the Papal Tiara (1632/1639) by Pietro da CortonaThe Morgan Library & Museum

'Pietro da Cortona is best known for his masterpiece of baroque illusionism, the ceiling of the Great Hall of the Palazzo Barberini, Rome, frescoed between 1632 and 1639.'

Rape of the Sabines (1630/1631) by Pietro da CortonaMusei Capitolini

'Pietro da Cortona reaches his stylistic maturity in this work.'

Saint Cecilia Giving Alms to the Poor (about 1635–1640) by Pietro da CortonaThe J. Paul Getty Museum

'Pietro da Cortona's figures display classical seriousness of action and sculptural weightiness.'

The Madonna and Child with Saint Martina (c. 1645) by Pietro da CortonaKimbell Art Museum

'Elected president of the Academy of Saint Luke in 1634, he proposed to rebuild the academy's church in the Roman Forum.'

Christ on the Cross with the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Saint John (about 1661) by Pietro da CortonaThe J. Paul Getty Museum

'The opaqueness of the white bodycolor allowed Pietro da Cortona to conceal some of his earlier attempts at drawing the figures, especially that of Saint John, who is bordered by an area of white that covers earlier positions for the right and left arms, the head, and left leg.'

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