Domestic Perimeters

Domestic Perimeters is an exhibition project that puts Ilaria Bianchi and Sinead Breslin's work in dialogue for the first time. With the intent to give life to a choral story, Ilaria, furniture designer, and Sinead, painter, become protagonists of a dialogue with many voices.

Portale (2018) by Ilaria BianchiPalazzo Monti

During the period of residence, Ilaria was inspired by the structure, architectural and social fabric of the city of Brescia to develop a project that hybridizes sound design, photography and graphics. She then created Domestic Perimeters, a collection of limited-edition screens that reflect the multi-faceted complexity of the experience. Simultaneously, Sinead explored and represented local iconic places such as Lake Garda and Lake Como, the Brescia Castle, the locals, other artists in residence and the Director inside the Palazzo.

Pensatoio (2018) by Ilaria BianchiPalazzo Monti

Wondering if architectural barriers can be transformed into spaces for domestic reflection, in Ilaria's screens the industrial profiles, used to produce gates, are expropriated of their function as an impassable barrier and rethought in the domestic environment as flexible portals.

Bussola (2018) by Ilaria BianchiPalazzo Monti

The screen is the domestic object that most represents the division: a mobile line of clean separation, a screen between two worlds that must not meet. In a historical moment in which boundaries and barriers seem to strengthen, these perimeters want to cut out a dimension of intimacy that is not isolating, but mobile and communicating. More than a boundary line, a line of encounter. And so, the screens are placed in Palazzo Monti, a microcosm that lives on arrivals and feeds on differences, of experience, of origin.The screens were made of wrought iron by the family-run workshop in Brescia, Zoldan, with fabrics sublimated by AllOver, a small workshop in Milan, and sewn by Debo, a Nigerian tailor who opened his business in Brescia 7 years ago. New and old generations weave the creation of objects by connecting not only a physical space but a local community present on the territory.From light walls the Domestic Perimeters become portals, which separate two worlds but offer a passage full of synergies. An agile home barrier to break down mental barriers.

Chiara a Palazzo (2018) by Sinead BreslinPalazzo Monti

Feeding on the same energy perceived at Palazzo Monti, Sinead represented intimate scenes and vast landscapes, populated by subjects encountered during her 6-week stay. 

Ilaria (2018) by Sinead BreslinPalazzo Monti

In the last decade Sinead has developed a courageous, psychologically charged style that is both romantic and dissatisfied with today's world.

Untitled (2018) by Sinead BreslinPalazzo Monti

Seeing these disturbing scenes means entering private memory spaces and feeling completely isolated. Breslin is a fierce traveler who constantly absorbs the energy of the places she visits and the people she meets.

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