‘the sweetest place on Earth'

Dorothy Wordsworth, letter to Lady Beaumont, 11 June 1805

Dove Cottage in the Mist (2019-09-30) by Wordsworth GrasmereWordsworth Grasmere

Dove Cottage

Dove Cottage was the home of William and Dorothy Wordsworth between 1799 and 1808. Now cared for by the Wordsworth Trust, the cottage is located on the edge of Grasmere village in the heart of the English Lake District. 

Dove Cottage Garden (2018-05-31) by Wordsworth GrasmereWordsworth Grasmere

The Garden-Orchard at Dove Cottage

The Garden-Orchard was central to life at Dove Cottage. The Wordsworths worked daily to cultivate and care for the semi-wild garden, which William referred to as their 'little domestic slip of mountain'.  

Wild roses at Dove Cottage by Wordsworth GrasmereWordsworth Grasmere

Letter writing from the Garden-Orchard

The Wordsworths often wrote letters to family and friends from the Garden-Orchard, and frequently described their beautiful surroundings with, as Dorothy wrote, 'pride and partiality'. 

'I write to you from the Hut', extract from a letter by Dorothy Wordsworth to Lady Beaumont

A letter from Dorothy

‘I write to you from the Hut, where we pass all our time except when we are walking—it has been a rainy morning, but we are here sheltered and warm, and in truth I think it is the sweetest place on Earth—the little wrens often alight upon the thatch and sing their low song, but this morning all the Birds are rejoicing after the rain. Before my eyes is the Church and a few houses among trees, and still beyond the hollow of Easedale which I imagine but cannot see, and the quiet mountains shutting all up. Where I sit I have no view of the Lake, but if I chuse to move half a yard further along the seat, I can see it, and so on, going all round, we have a different view.’ (Dorothy Wordsworth, letter to Lady Beaumont, 11 June 1805). 

Dove Cottage Garden Path and Bench (2019-01-04) by Wordsworth GrasmereWordsworth Grasmere

A Letter from William

‘I write to you from the Moss-Hut at the top of my orchard, the Sun just sinking behind the hills in front of the entrance, and his light falling upon the green moss of the side opposite me... the green fields in the level area of the Vale and part of the lake, lie before me in quietness.’ (William Wordsworth, letter to Sir George Beaumont, 3 June 1805)

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