Tune In to Signac's Lagoon

Take an audio tour of this pointillist projection of Venice

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The Lagoon of Saint Mark, Venice (1905) by Paul SignacChrysler Museum of Art

Signac (Detail 1)

In this abstract painting, we're immediately caught by the brightness of the colors. The palette seems to suggest a harmonious sensation. But, hey, wait a minute!

Signac (Detail 2)

This is not an abstract painting at all! It's a Venetian view, constructed following the techniques of Pointillism.

Signac (Detail 3)

The juxtaposition of pure colors - not mixed together - makes them sharper to the eye. Every part of the painting is designed with the viewer's perspective in mind. 

Signac (Detail 4)

In this painting, Signac abandons the scientific precision he used in previous works. Tones are somewhat unreal and dots expand to the size of mosaic tiles. 

Signac (Detail 5)

Let's take a look at the whole of the painting. From the proper distance, the spectator recreates the image with their own eyes, reuniting the disjointed points. 

Zoom in and explore Paul Signac's Lagoon of St Mark's, Venice for yourself.

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