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13 Attempts to Become a Rooster - 8 (1978) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'The following text is to be found among Wolfgang Lettl's wartime memories: At the time, as the first significant works of Surrealism were being created, Germany soon became completely isolated from the modern currents in art; as far as I knew, Augsburg, the city of my birth, was just being timidly licked by Impressionism.'

13 Attempts to Become a Rooster - 12 (1978) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'And thus the cycle ends logically for now, with the death of the rooster, shown in this image as the burning rooster crashing into the flowery meadow below, which in Lettl's iconography, and following Henri Rousseau (1844-1910), somehow represents the original paradise.'

13 Attempts to Become a Rooster - 11 (1978) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'In 1949 Wolfgang Lettl marries his Franziska who will become his model, his muse and his patron. Referring to his painting "Venere Sipontina " (1987), he raved about her: "Having your own wife for a model is ideal, she is always available, and if something is missing in a painting, you can always have your wife lying there, she always looks good.'

13 Attempts to Become a Rooster - 10 (1978) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'In his surreal story, "A Painter - Searching for Himself in the Fog", Wolfgang Lettl writes the following regarding his interaction with his military superiors: I dreamt that I was still running around in a corporal's uniform, although I had been a sergeant for some time already.'

13 Attempts to Become a Rooster - 5 (1978) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'The background he painted is more stately than that in Gérard's picture. The story of Wolfgang Lettl's relationship with Napoleon is as follows: "Even in my earliest youth I felt connected to Napoleon.'

Arc Noir (1986) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'"Arc Noir" is one of 26 paintings that make up the "Grey Series" (1985-88) by Wolfgang Lettl.'

The Third Act (1988) by Wolfgang LettlLettl Collection

'"The Third Act" is one of 26 paintings that make up the "Grey Series" (1985-88) by Wolfgang Lettl.'

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