Feminism is Everyone's Celebration

Three days of workshops, performances, screenings, readings

WOOJ – Women Out of Joint (newspaper)La Galleria Nazionale

“The final goal [of each vicissitude is] to be accepted as an object of love and [...] to accept the other from the same perspective. Only love achieves equality.” This is what Carla Lonzi states in Taci, anzi Parla (Be quiet, or rather Speak).

WOOJ – Women Out of Joint (newspaper)La Galleria Nazionale

The inauguration of this project is in fact dedicated to Carla Lonzi: Women out of Joint. The National Gallery, proud to have acquired the art critic’s personal archive, undertakes this project entirely dedicated to feminism and presents it in its multiple aspects.

The inauguration took place over three days open to all, in which meetings, workshops, performances, screenings, readings brought together the experiences of women in all fields of science and culture.

WOOJ – Women Out of Joint (newspaper)La Galleria Nazionale

Carla Lonzi has fought her entire life, bearing her desire to be a woman in a world of men. She has never accepted to remain silent, neither in the face of men too weak to understand the change required for society, nor in the face of women who desired to emerge while remaining within those patriarchal rules set in stone since time immemorial.

This determination allowed her to carry out her ideas, despite the knowledge that they would often be ignored or criticised. She did not settle with leading a comfortable life: she wished to express herself so that society could realise its mistake by not accepting women within its own fabric.

WOOJ – Women Out of Joint (newspaper)La Galleria Nazionale

“Feminism is my celebration”, she stated.

There was no better way to honour her than by organising a celebration in which Feminism becomes an occasion to rejoice for everyone: women and men together, united in a project that opens up new horizons, that reveals ever so current issues, despite being decades of battles.

WOOJ – Women Out of Joint (newspaper)La Galleria Nazionale

This celebration, emblem of being together, is an opportunity for people to gather to celebrate the love for a relative, a friend, a loved one or even an idea. This is Women out of Joint: a celebration so dear to Carla Lonzi, who seeks equality through love, in the acceptance of the other with whom, hand in hand, to embark on the journey to create an equal horizon.

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Written by Maria Eugenia Bavaro.

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