From Hunting Lodge to a Luxurious Hotel

The unique story of Karpniki Castle

Karpniki Castle and fog by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

Hidden behind clouds, fog and morning mist of Lower Silesia, there is Karpniki Castle!

Often photographed from above, usually by meas of drons, it presents a really scenic view.

Also called Fischbach Castle from German, the castle a really gorgeous mediaeval structure, surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking a pond.

Depending on the season of the year, the surroundings change from vibrant spring vibes... 

... to a more gloomy autumnal scenery.

The Karpniki Castle in the morning mist by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

The castle maintained its medieval moat. 

It also has a tower guarding the entrance, a maze of corridors and stairs and renovated and modernised chambers.

View of the castle and the moat

Interior of Karpniki Castle by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

The building dates back to the 18th century. It was initially built as a hunting lodge.  Over time, it went through series of renovations until it reached its current state.

You can still see the echoes of its "hunter" past hanging on the walls in the corridors and chambers.

Some of the corridors are adorned with deer antlers and skulls of other prey from the nearby forest.

Over time, the castle underwent a series of renovations and has been converted into a luxury hotel.

When choosing accommodation there, you will sleep in the main building. There are no outbuildings or separate buildings next to the castle.

Interior of Karpniki Castle by MIchał SiarekKarpniki Castle

The rooms have the original stained glass windows.

Interior of Karpniki Castle by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

The interiors have been reimagined so as to be reminiscent of the old, original castle so that the guests can really take journey through time.

Due to a few significant enlargements over the centuries, the castle changed its form, and its interiors hide the details from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque and historicism.

Karpniki Castle & lake by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

The last reconstruction undertaken in the 19th century gave the castle a neo-Gothic appearance.

There are 20 rooms in total and they are located on different floors with various views. 

In the castle, there are: two real, historical chambers where you can sleep and many other rooms of varying size and design to choose from.

Stained glass in one of the bathrooms on the first floor.

The corridors also retained their old look and you can see the castle through gigantic windows.

You can spend the night in the same rooms where the Queen Mary of Bavaria, King of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm III, Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, the Hohenzollern family or the Hessian princes family slept.

Mixture of historic interiors and modern comforts. You can play billiards in the historic interior. You can explore chambers here.

Karpniki Castle against the background of the Lower Silesian mountains in the fog by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

On top of that, the atmosphere of picturesque fogs and misty mornings is really unforgettable.

Hunting collections in the Karpniki Castle by Michał SiarekKarpniki Castle

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