Siebzehnjanuarneunzehnhundertvierundneunzig by Ugo Rondinone


Siebzehnjanuarneunzehn- hundertvierundneunzig (1993/1994) by Ugo RondinoneLa Galleria Nazionale

The canvas of Ugo Rondinone is constructed of nine large circles of brilliant and blurred color that form a sort of geometric target, purposefully out of focus.

The work is the result of research on psychic perception caused by an optical-geometric illusion that results in a hypnotic effect for the viewer. 

The chromatic and tonal disorder of the circles compels the observer to search for a predefined point of view that brings order. 

However, the work generates disorder from any point of view, subconsciously inviting an inner reflection provoked by the rapture of the mysterious forms.

The same intention seems to be sought by the artist through the title which, while casual and not explanatory, translates into the presumed date of conclusion of the canvas: 

"January 17, 1994",  expressed by the artist's choice of a long and seemingly unending word, Siebzehnjanuarneunzehnhundertvierundneunzig.

Credits: All media
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