Why Do We Describe our Ancestors as "Hunter-Gatherers"?

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Grotte Chauvet - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Why do we describe our ancestors as "hunter-gatherers"? (2019/2019) by Fanny Le BagousseGrotte Chauvet - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Do we call them hunter-gatherers because they ate...

A. Meat, B. Vegetables, or C. Both

The correct answer is...

C. Both!

Our ancestors roamed lands they knew perfectly. They hunted animals (reindeer, horses, bison), fished, and also may have engaged in some scavenging (taking the meat of dead animals). 

They also gathered plants (berries, roots, tubers, fruit, and seeds) and stones or rock for making tools.

Our ancestors lived in a cold, dry environment. This means that their energy needs must have been very high. Meat was a major source of calories, which was supplemented by many types of plants gathered from the wild (mushrooms, seeds, tubers, fruit, berries, and roots).

Were there as many humans 36,000 years ago as there are today? (2019/2019) by Fanny Le BagousseGrotte Chauvet - UNESCO World Heritage Site

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