5 Lessons From a Journey Around Our World

Join photographer Angelo Chiacchio as he learns lessons of respect and balance while documenting earth's fragile heritage

By Ephemera documentary

Angelo Chiacchio

Salar de Uyuni at sunset (2018) by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

While documenting the diversity and fragility of the world's natural and cultural heritage, Angelo learned some universal life lessons that could guide everyone’s existence. 

In 2018, European designer and photographer Angelo Chiacchio set out on a solo journey around the world to experience the most unique and fragile places, and ways of life, on our planet. 

A pig in Episcopia by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

1. Don't consume more than you can produce

Families from Basilicata produce and cure their own pork, providing enough meat to sustain themselves for an entire year.  

Ainu tree bark (2018) by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

2. Take from nature that which can be renewed

The Ainu people carefully choose a tree from which to remove a single strip of bark. They then mark the tree with a ribbon to indicate that it needs time to recover. 

A Tsaatan in the taiga (2018) by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

3. Love is sacrifice

The Tsaatan people dedicate their lives to tending their herd of reindeer. They endure a cold and harsh climate to ensure their beloved animals are safe and healthy. 

Landscape of Roraima (2018) by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

4. Leave only the slightest trace of your passage

The Native Taurepans have profound respect for Mount Roraima. As a visitor to its rocky mountain top, you are expected  to lower your voice and step only where previous visitors have walked. 

A wharenui of Motiti (2018) by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

5. Always remember where you come from

Every Maori introduction starts with reciting one’s genealogy or “whakapapa.” The Maori whakapapa embodies their deep and respectful connection to their homeland and ancestors.

Terra by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

Partnership by Angelo ChiacchioEphemera documentary

This story was created with the support of Art Works for Change, a nonprofit organization that creates contemporary art exhibitions and storytelling projects to address critical social and environmental issues.

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Written, shot and produced by Angelo Chiacchio
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