Can You Find Trajan's Column in the Streets of Rome?

How do you divide the Roman empire in two? With a pair of Ceasars

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Plate 31: view of the column of Trajan, shown with its pedestal dug out from the earth, surrounded by buildings at the base of the Quirinal Hill, Rome, from the series 'Ruins of the antiquity of Rome, Tivoli, Pozzuoli, and other places' (Vestigi della antichità di Roma, Tivoli, Pozzvolo et altri luochi) (1606) by Aegidius Sadeler II|Etienne DuPéracThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ave! On today's scavenger hunt we're looking for Trajan's Column. This iconic victory monument has stood proud for nearly two millennia, declaring the might of Rome, and inspiring many other monumental columns throughout the ancient and modern worlds.

Trajan's Column is found in Rome - where else? It stands amongst many other monuments in Trajan's Forum, near the Quirinal Hill, just north of the Roman Forum. Let's head there now…

We'll start off in the Piazza Venezia in front of the modern Victor Emmanuel II Monument. Stay on this slide and point & click to explore the city and find the genuine ancient monument.

There it is! Trajan's Column. Now let's take a closer look at its famous carvings.

Cast of Trajan's Column: Battle between the Roman cavalry and the cataphractarii, allies of the Dacians (1861/1862) by L. MalpieriMuseo della Civiltà Romana

Completed in 113CE, Trajan's Column is famously decorated with a spiralling bas relief, which tells the story of the recent victory of the Romans over the Dacians: from the announcement of war, to religious sacrifices, to the battles themselves.

Cast of Trajan's Column: Council of War (1861/1862) by L. MalpieriMuseo della Civiltà Romana

The carvings are so detailed that they have been used by historians and archaeologists to help understand Roman and barbarian architecture, hairstyles, and of course, their soldiers. The emperor Trajan appears 59 times as the central hero of the story.

Gratias maximas for joining on today's scavenger hunt. There's many more things to find, so do carry on exploring. Until next time!

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