Fujiko F. Fujio Museum with Street View

Explore the inspiration behind Fujiko F. Fujio’s creations through his original drawings and discover the fun side of his manga writing process.

Entrance Hall (“Laughing Wall”)

The bright, white wall in the Entrance Hall is called the ‘Laughing Wall’ and it is filled with engraved reliefs of Fujiko F’s various characters. 

If you look up, you can see there is always a pleasant blue sky above. Wait – is that a silhouette of Doraemon?! Can you find him in the clouds?

Exhibition Room I (Permanent Exhibition)

Exhibition Room I is a permanent exhibition space where the artwork is periodically changed to protect the original drawings. 

 The special exhibition, "Fujiko F. Fujio and Doraemon,” is currently being held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doraemon’s first appearance. 

Take a look back over five decades of this beloved character through original artwork and explore the history of the Doraemon series, which has been a pioneer in the use of cross-media platforms, such as manga, anime, and movies. 

History Road

Take a walk down History Road, an exhibition featuring Fujiko F. Fujio’s personal belongings and documents, as well as a chronological timeline of his work.

Fujiko F’s Study

In this room, you will find the actual desk used by Fujiko F.    

On it you can find some of his favorite art tools and several cherished dinosaur figurines and other assorted toys! Overhead you can see the vast bookshelves that house many of the books and other literature owned by Fujiko F.

Museum Gift Shop

The Museum Gift Shop is filled with original goods that can only be found at the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum. Take home a special souvenir of your visit or find a unique gift for someone special!

Animal’s Room

Features animal sculptures created based on the paper cutouts (on display on the walls) created by Fujiko F.

Exhibition Room II (Temporary Exhibition)

A space where you will find various special exhibitions that run for a limited time only.    

To commemorate Doraemon’s 50th anniversary, the “Doraemon 50th Anniversary Exhibition” was held in this room in 2020.

The exhibition featured original drawings selected from the many stories in the Doraemon series.
Depending on the theme of the exhibition, original drawings from not only "Doraemon" but also "Parman", "Kiteletsu Encyclopedia", and many other works will be displayed.

Kikori no Izumi (The Woodcutter’s Spring)

This display is based on the Doraemon episode, “The Woodcutter’s Spring” and features an “improved version” of Gian (who had accidentally fallen into the spring in the episode) who emerges from the spring if you operate the lever you can see.           

This character only appeared in this one episode and was a huge hit among fans!

Fujiko F. Fujio’s Day Off

This corner of the museum introduces the more private moments of Fujiko F’s life as a family man. There are many heartwarming displays that convey the kindness of Fujiko and his love for his children.    

There is even a bronze cast of the artist’s left hand sitting atop a podium!

Manga Corner

A popular part of the museum where everyone is free to read one of the many manga created by Fujiko F. Fujio on the shelves. Take a seat next to the manga-reading, dorayaki-eating Doraemon!    

People’s Plaza

A large space with plenty of playfulness, such as the “Korokoro ball osodo,” a fascinating Rube Goldberg machine that incorporates video displays, a 1/5 scale model of Nobita-kun’s house,    

and the “Gion de pachiri” display where visitors can take their photo “inside” framed scenes with huge, manga-like onomatopoeic words!   

F Theater

Enjoy original short films that can only be seen at the museum on a giant 200-inch screen.

Museum Cafe

Overlooking the outside Harappa space, this large, open café serves up many original delights based on Fujiko F. Fujio’s works. The menu also changes with the seasons and contains special surprises during certain museum events.


A rooftop space surrounded by the greenery of the Ikuta Ryokuchi Park. You can find many great places to take photos on this lawn terrace area with familiar artifacts from Doraemon, like clay pipes and the giant Piisuke!

Gift Corner “Fujiko-ya

Nestled among the trees is this delightful gift shop where you can buy Doraemon’s beloved dorayaki and many other original sweets and gifts.

Credits: Story

This article was produced in August 2020, based on the interview conducted at the time.

Kawasaki City Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

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