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Cover of Lajos Kassák: MA Buch - Kassák Gedichte (1923) by Lajos KassákPetőfi Literary Museum

'For Kassák, a self-taught artist, the painterly reduction of the view was not a concern, either as a theoretical or a professional-technical problem; nor did he concern himself with Cubism, which was so often cited in the art theoretical literature of the day as the prior 'phase' that had foreshadowed Constructivism - and a politically neutral, predominantly formal-aesthetic stylistic enterprise at that.'

Cover of MA, 15. Nov. 1921. (1921) by Lajos KassákPetőfi Literary Museum

'His renowned journal to date MA ("Today") was launched in Budapest in 1916.'

Kassák Lajos: Dynamic Construction (1922) by Lajos KassákPetőfi Literary Museum

'He moved to Vienna where he as the chief editor of the art journal MA (Today) became a respected figure of European Modernism within a few years. Kassák has become a visual artist and devotee of the Constructivist movement in this lively, dynamic artistic milieu.'

Catalog cover of Lajos Kassák's exhibition (1960) by Lajos KassákPetőfi Literary Museum

'Catalogue of Lajos Kassák's 1960 Paris exhibition Lajos Kassák emerged as a new, independent type of the avant-garde artist in Hungary in the 1910s.'

Book cover of Lajos Kassák: Unemployed People (1962) by Lajos KassákPetőfi Literary Museum

'In the novel entitled Munkanélküliek (Unemployed) (1933) he describes workers' life and gives an overall representation of Hungarian society of the period through the story of two workers looking for housing and employment.'

Lajos Kassák: Family Members (1962) by Lajos KassákPetőfi Literary Museum

'At the end of the 1920s he returned to Hungary and stopped painting until the end of the 50s when he painted abstract paintings.'

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