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By Paintings in Hospitals

Mark Hooley

Claudine NHS hero (2020) by Love LalalandPaintings in Hospitals

I grew up loving art in all forms, from children's book illustration, comics, animation, painting and fine art, to film and music videos, and since the beginning of digital art in the 60's it's been an exciting period as the technologies have rapidly advanced. 

Cristina (2020) by Louise RowenPaintings in Hospitals

I would guess that the comics and games industries may have fuelled this to a great extent.I was hugely inspired in the 80's by artist Dave McKean, whose mixed media work and exceptional drawing skills seemed to be pushing the boundaries.

Now, creative digital methods are almost limitless - to use a stylus, tablet and painting program and be able to create a piece of work with almost lifelike medium and the ability to hit 'undo' sometimes feels a bit like cheating. 

Kate Pare (2020) by Mark HooleyPaintings in Hospitals

With all of the portraits I created for this project I didn't allow myself to erase mistakes, but rather try to treat the portrait as I was using real paint. I love the smudge tool; blending the paint together with different brushes is very satisfying. 

 I love the smudge tool; blending the paint together with different brushes is very satisfying. Ideally I would rather be using real paint, but I wouldn't have been able to produce so many portraits - and I wouldn't have had the bonus of the time-lapse video of the creation process that the app Procreate records as you make your art, not without a special film crew!

Silvia (2020) by Jo HoldawayPaintings in Hospitals

There are too many extraordinary digital portrait painters to mention one name, but I would love to know who painted the first digital portrait! 

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