The art of sports photography: “Quirky”

By The Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum

Selection of photographs from the “My DIY sports venue” competition. Images created by the participants from 15 countries, all highly inspired by sport and photography to depict a sporting activity, however improvised, using whatever was around, the sheer refreshing pleasure of playing!

Time to reflect (2017) by ©Mlle louThe Olympic Museum

Time to reflect
Miroir aux alouettes

Unbalanced? (2017) by ©Bruno.blaisThe Olympic Museum

Déséquilibré ?

Seek and you shall find (2017) by ©YragaelThe Olympic Museum

Seek and you shall find
Qui cherche trouve

Where’s the beach, dude?! (2017) by ©CampaniaroThe Olympic Museum

Where’s the beach, dude?!
« Sous les pavés, la plage ! »

Tetris (2017) by ©CampaniaroThe Olympic Museum


Home game (2017) by ©Tisa ArlesThe Olympic Museum

Home game
Jeu à domicile

Catch me if you can (2017) by ©SelrepThe Olympic Museum

Catch me if you can
Attrape-moi si tu peux

Waving, not drowning (2017) by ©Mlle louThe Olympic Museum

Waving, not drowning
C’est un signe

Daughter of Icarus (2017) by ©BrutartThe Olympic Museum

Daughter of Icarus
La fille d’Icare

Troubled waters (2017) by ©ApneiaThe Olympic Museum

Troubled waters
Plongée en eaux troubles

Underground ballet (2017) by ©Dominique SecherThe Olympic Museum

Underground ballet
Underground ballet

Off course (2017) by ©Mlle louThe Olympic Museum

Off course
Hors trajectoire

Yin & Yang (2017) by ©Jean-claude delalandeThe Olympic Museum

Yin & Yang
Yin et yang

Pan(d)aerobics (2017) by ©SelrepThe Olympic Museum

Tout schuss

High-wire act (2017) by ©XzarobasThe Olympic Museum

High-wire act

Long and winding road (2017) by ©MoucheurThe Olympic Museum

Long and winding road
Chacun sa route

Don’t rock the boat (2017) by ©NanoujThe Olympic Museum

Don’t rock the boat
Bouge pas le bateau

UFO (2017) by ©Nassir.mThe Olympic Museum

Objet volant non identifié

Let’s get ready to rumble (2017) by ©Yasmine.ekThe Olympic Museum

Let’s get ready to rumble
Let’s get ready to rumble

Credits: All media
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