Roland SH-1000 and Roland SH-2000

The First Compact Japanese Synthesizer


Roland SH-1000

Did Ikutaro Kakehashi ever imagine that their first-ever keyboard, this Roland SH-1000, would one day turn his company into one of the most famous synthesizer manufacturers?

“I would’ve loved to ask him that, but somehow the opportunity passed me by,” says Gert Prix from the EBOARDMUSEUM.

Roland SH-1000, Roland Corporation, ab 1973, From the collection of: EBOARDMUSEUM
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Roland SH-1000 - Demo (ab 1973) by SynthmaniaEBOARDMUSEUM

Roland SH-1000

Demo by SynthMania

Yet this SH-1000 wasn’t even their grand slam. This honor was reserved for its successor a few months later, the SH-2000, which we’d like to focus on now.

Roland SH-2000

It might be a tiny bit more suited to the living room than its predecessor in terms of looks, but this SH-2000 is the first sign of Roland’s aspirations to become the champion of logical, user-focused design. And on this point we can even throw in the Roland VP-330, VT-1, and JV-1080.

Roland SH-2000, Roland Corporation, ab 1973, From the collection of: EBOARDMUSEUM
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Without a doubt, the target audience of this SH-2000 was pop musicians who were looking for a new sound but thought that abbreviations like VCO, VCF, ADSR, LFO, and VCA (HIV wasn’t around yet) sounded pretty confusing and off-putting.

Roland SH-2000 - Detail (1973) by Roland CorporationEBOARDMUSEUM

Pre-Made Sounds

In response, this SH-2000 preset synthesizer was also designed with some highly respectable preset sounds which can be intuitively edited with just a few easy-to-understand button presses.

We have some of these SH-2000s on display in the EBOARDMUSEUM. What makes us even more proud, however, is the fact there’s even quite a few among them with the front rocker switch still fully intact. These are very practically attached, but you'd better check again after they’ve been transported. :-)

Roland SH-2000 - Demo (ab 1974) by AnalogAudio1EBOARDMUSEUM

Roland SH-2000

Demo by AnalogAudio1

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