Ten Tips for a Great Camino

Stay healthy during the St. James Way with these recommendations.

Pilgrim on the Way to Fisterra (2020)Regional Government of Galicia

1. Get in shape

It's best to get yourself ready beforehand and complete long hikes 15 to 30 days before.

Peregrina en el Camino de Santiago (2021)Original Source: Axencia Turismo de Galicia

2. Maintain a rhythm

It's important to maintain a rhythm when starting to walk. It's not a good idea to walk more than 12 to 15 miles each day.

Pilgrim on the Maior Staircase of Sarria (2021)Regional Government of Galicia

3. Wear comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable, light, and breathable clothing. In addition, take something waterproof and lightweight in case it rains.

Boots (2021)Regional Government of Galicia

4. Pay attention to your socks

Your socks should fit well and be adapted to your feet. You'll need to prevent any wrinkles, folds, or bobbles from forming, as these can cause blisters. You'll also need to let your feet breathe, so socks should be made of linen or cotton.

Pilgrim tying his boot (2021)Regional Government of Galicia

5. The most important thing: footwear

Footwear must be comfortable and can't be new. Wear in the shoes before completing the Camino, and remember that it's useful to alternate between two pairs. They should be flexible and adapted to your feet, with a thick and light rubber sole. It's beneficial to bathe your feet thoroughly in cold water and change your socks every day until the end of the route.

Sancosmeiro, handmade hat (2021)Original Source: Fundación Pública Artesanía de Galicia

6. Protect yourself from the sun

You should protect yourself from the sun with a sunhat or sun visor. Using high-protection sunscreen is recommended—at least SPF 25.

Pilgrim eating a snack (2021)Regional Government of Galicia

7. Eat high-energy foods

Eat high-energy foods like dried fruits, figs, chocolate, etc. to recover energy levels during the journey. 

Pilgrim drinking (2021)Regional Government of Galicia

8. Drink frequently, but in small quantities

Drink frequently and always in small quantities. Don't drink any water you don't know is drinkable. Also, don't consume alcohol.

First aid kit (2021)Regional Government of Galicia

9. Heal your wounds

Wash any wounds you have with soap and water. Afterward, cover them with an antiseptic solution (such as 2% chlorhexidine) and a gauze. Never puncture blisters or thread them. Don't cover them with adhesive dressings (like band-aids) if you're not sure that they are clean and disinfected.

Peregrinos en el Camino de Santiago (2021)Original Source: Axencia Turismo de Galicia

10. Take a doctor's note

If you suffer from any chronic illnesses, are allergic to any medication, or have any other health issues you consider important, we recommend taking a doctor's note with you. You should also continue to take your usual medication.

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