Museum Beauty Contest

Directed by Paco Cao

Exhibition view, Museum Beauty Contest: the artist (2016-10/2017-05) by Paco CaoLa Galleria Nazionale

The contest

A meticulous selection of portraits from the National Gallery of Contemporary and Modern Art in Rome has been curated to comprise the group of contestants for a Beauty Contest, directed by the artist Paco Cao.

Annunciazione (1927) by Bruno CroattoLa Galleria Nazionale

The selection

The selection of the contestants involved the active participation of the entire museum staff, from the Director to the curatorial, education, and restoration teams, with special attention given to the security guards, considering their daily and constant relationship with the artworks.The Beauty Contest has established two categories: female and male;

Ritratto di Isa in abito nero (1935) by Giorgio de ChiricoLa Galleria Nazionale

Meditazione (1880) by Cesare DettiLa Galleria Nazionale

The most beautiful person

The objective is to select the most beautiful person in each category, based on physical appearance, demeanor, and attitude, independently of the style or technical quality of the works. The jury is the audience. 

Ritratto di Costanza Monti Perticari (1819) by Filippo AgricolaLa Galleria Nazionale

Nerina Badioli (1865 - 1866) by Antonio PuccinelliLa Galleria Nazionale

A gallery of the finalists - Female candidates

In the Primaries, the first phase of the contest, 18 males and 18 females will be chosen from the 35 males and 35 females initially selected. Only online vote will be available.

Polymnia (1909) by John LaveryLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di Palma Bucarelli (1945) by Alberto SavinioLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di Emilio Villari (1880/1885) by Domenico MorelliLa Galleria Nazionale

A gallery of the finalists - male candidates

In the last phase of the contest, the contestants will be displayed in the Museum’s main gallery and the voting process will include online as well as in-person participation, the latter following the traditional method of casting a ballot in a box.

Ritratto del Principe Aleksandr Ivanovic Barjatinskij (1837) by Horace VernetLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di Gaetano dell'Acqua (1851) by Nicola ConsoniLa Galleria Nazionale

Museum Beauty Contest: Gran Finale (2016-10/2017-05) by Paco CaoLa Galleria Nazionale

And the winner is...

The contest culminated with the celebration of the Grand Finale, an award ceremony to proclaim the winners in each category, Miss and Mister National Gallery of Contemporary and Modern Art in Rome, as well as to grant several honorific prizes.

Nudo Accademico (1810) by Artista sconosciutoLa Galleria Nazionale

Sogni (1896) by Vittorio CorcosLa Galleria Nazionale

Credits: All media
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