Works on paper from the Tertulia museum have a prominent place in its art collection. In our exhibition for Google Arts & Culture we present six drawings by the artists Santiago Cárdenas, Beatriz González, Pedro Alcántara, Ever Astudillo, José Gamarra and Phanor León.

Figura (1971) by Santiago CárdenasThe Tertulia Museum

Charcoal on paper

Santiago Cárdenas studied in Rhode Island, United States, from where he returned to Colombia in 1965.

His work in a photorealistic style that tends to question the distinction between reality and its representation. In this early piece, he shows his interest in the routines of the city through its inhabitants, highlighting the appearance of his clothing and emphasizing his loneliness and anonymity.

Niña Johnson (1965) by Beatriz GonzálezThe Tertulia Museum

In 1965 Beatriz Gonzalez did a series of drawings on paper based on a clipping from LIFE magazine with the face of US President Lyndon B. Johnson and attached it to the body of a female child.

his drawing intentionally warps the image by adding lines and lettering that frame the rugged shape. The inconvenient colors and ironic images that are present in her work can be evidenced in a more direct way in this pastel

De la serie: Cuerpo (1968) by Pedro Alcántara HerránThe Tertulia Museum

In Pedro Alcántara's work it is common to find drawings of political heroes or characters from the past along with deformed figures and decomposing bodies

Many have characterized this dramatic dialogue between bodies as a representation of the violence that the country experienced throughout the 20th century.

Teatro Belalcázar (1996) by Ever AstudilloThe Tertulia Museum

Ever Astudillo's work stands out for the insistence with which it has represented the different nuances of the urban context in Cali.

The Belalcázar Theater (Carrera 10 between streets 20 and 21) is one of the many movie theaters that Astudillo drew. His drawings draw on the influence of Mexican cinema and 70's police comics

Desconfiados (1986) by José GamarraThe Tertulia Museum

José Gamarra studied in Montevideo (Uruguay) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Since 1963 he lives and works in Paris (France).

In his work he frequently questions the scope of Western art to capture the essence of the Amazon rainforest.

This piece was part of the V Biennial of Graphic Arts, presented at this Museum in 1986.

Sin título (1971) by Rodolfo AbularachThe Tertulia Museum

Abularach, painter, draftsman and graphic artist was characterized by an incessant exploration of the same reference theme: the eye.

Animal eyes are seen in some of his works, but generally his work consists of magnified details of a human eye. With chromatic and compositional games, he has explored infinite variations and possible expressions of his only subject of study.

Atleta (1972) by Phanor LeónThe Tertulia Museum

Phanor León's production focused on athletes, boxers and cyclists, who he described in movement and in actions which gave them a ghostly appearance.

Phanor Leon.

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The Tertulia Museum art collection.
Artists: Santiago Cárdenas (Colombia), Beatriz González (Colombia), Pedro Alcántara (Colombia), Ever Astudillo (Colombia), José Gamarra (Uruguay), Rodolfo Abularach (Guatemala)

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