Egypt's Black Honey deliciousness

In Upper Egypt, a special molasses satisfies all Egyptians sweet cravings.

Breakfast in Sakkara (2020-08-25) by NawayaNawaya

Honey not made by bees

Asal Aswed - in Arabic black honey - is a sweet thick syrup which is a permanent feature in Egyptian kitchens. In traditional breakfast it is often consumed with feteer, the multilayered pastry made with ghee. 

Feteer served with molasses, tehina and gebna adima (2019-09-08) by NawayaNawaya

Asal we tehina

Asal Aswad is delicious, but it is not easy to eat alone, hence the famous Egyptian comfort food: asal we tehina (molasses and sesame paste).  

Breakfast with Tehina and Molasses (2020-10-23) by NawayaNawaya

Delicious molasses

Some put the molasses first and cover it with tehina, and each piece of bread or feeter, removes some of the lighter tahini liquid to reveal some of the darker, thicker molasses underneath. 

Tehina mixed with cane molasses (2020-09-08) by NawayaNawaya


Some pour the tahina first, then add the black honey on top. The Tahini travels up the sides of the bowl trying to cover the honey. Some just mix both creating a stripped mix color of pure goodness. 

A countryside breakfast in Sakkara (2019-08-25) by NawayaNawaya

 This traditional product has a high demand because its flavour is unlike the industrial molasses found in supermarkets. 

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