Will This Cricket Quiz Stump You?

Take our cricket quiz and find out if you know some of the common sayings that come from this unique sport

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Shane Warne's 700th Test wicket at MCG. (2006-12-26) by Philip BrownBradman Museum & International Cricket Hall of Fame

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, played and watched by hundreds of millions of people. But to the uninitiated it can seem strange, incredibly complex, and very slow (can you think of any other sports that last five days and can still end in a draw?).

However, cricket has been played in one form or another since the 16th century, and is still growing in popularity to this day. So, there must be something to it. Put the time in to learn the rules and it can reveal itself to be a hypnotic mix of tactics, theater and sporting prowess.

In fact, cricket has had such an impact that it has perhaps infiltrated the English language more than any other sport. Below you can take our test and try and identify the common sayings that come from this enigmatic game. We’ll give you the meaning, see if you can figure out the common phrase. 

Dennis Lillee (1977 (printed 2010)) by Bruce PostleNational Portrait Gallery

Question 1

Which cricket-related phrase means "to be astonished by something" or "to be left speechless"?

'Bowled Over'

A batter is out when the bowler hits his wickets with the ball. But bowlers have also given us this common phrase for being surprised.

Famous last wicket run out at the Tied Test (1960) by Ron Lovitt. Holman Fairfax Collection, Bradman Museum.Bradman Museum & International Cricket Hall of Fame

Question 2

What phrase means "a very difficult or awkward situation", but also refers to damp in front of the cricket stumps?

'On a sticky wicket'

The wicket refers to both the stumps at each end and the pitch in the middle where the ball bounces, which can vary according to the local conditions. A sticky wicket is a damp or soft pitch that makes the ball harder to play, a phrase we now use to describe any tough situation.

Warner batting as Root watches on (2017-11-27) by Cricket AustraliaCricket Australia

Question 3

What phrase describes the most points a batter can score with a single hit, but also means "to totally surprise or shock someone"?

'Hit for six'

Six runs is scored when the batter hits the ball over the boundary rope without it bouncing. This is the most runs you can score off the bat on a single delivery and is something every bowler dreads. Because of this, it's used outside of cricket to describe total shock.

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Boxing Day 2017 (2017-12-26) by Cricket AustraliaCricket Australia

Question 4

What saying describes a good performance by a batter, and is also commonly used to describe someone who has lived a long life?

'A good innings'

An innings is both the period of time a batter spends in the middle without being caught out, or the overall length of the batting side's turn. Either way, a long innings is almost always a very good sign and usually means a high score has been achieved.  

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Question 5

What saying describes the fate a batter tries to avoid, and means "to be found out for having done something wrong"?

'To be caught out'

Once the batter has hit the ball with his bat, if a fielder catches it before it touches the ground the batter has been caught out and their innings is over.

Print of an engraving by C L Benoist, after a painting by Francis Hayman, "Cricket" (1743)Melbourne Cricket Club

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