Balinese Traditional/Classic Paintings: Kamasan Style

The paintings which is characterized the Kamasan style date back to the 17th century and represent the original “traditional style” of Balinese painting.

The Kidnapping of Sita (1975 - 1975) by I Dewa Ketut DingARMA Museum


To understand the particular concept of values of the Balinese paintings one must go back to the history of painting in Bali, to the times when paintings was subservient to the religious needs of the social environment. Painting required as an offering in a religious or to the king and the royal families. 

Arjuna Living as Ascetic (1996 - 1996) by AnonymousARMA Museum


The artist used natural pigments and working with  home-made pen and brush  and with their skill aiming at the perfection of the line, form, proportion in form and color composition based on the iconographic rule. The traditional artist felt pride when other artists try to copy their artwork. 

Arjuna Living as Ascetic (1996 - 1996) by AnonymousARMA Museum

Arjuna Living as Ascetic

Adopted from the Arjuna Wiwaha story, Arjuna is shown in meditation on Mount Indrakila, not succumbing to the wiles of the angels sent to tempt him.

Kumbakarna Attacked by Monkeys (1996 - 1996) by AnonymousARMA Museum

Kumbakarna Attacked by Monkeys

From the Ramayana epics, the central figure is Kumbakarna holding Sugriwa, the monkeys king.

Smara is burnt to death (2008 - 2008) by AnonymousARMA Museum

Smara is burnt to death

A fiery manifestation of Siwa with many heads, arms and weapons stands on right. He menaces the God Smara who kneels in front of him. Smara is surrounded by fire.

The Churning of the Milky Ocean (1996 - 1996) by Mangku MuraARMA Museum

The Churning of the Milky Ocean

From Adi Parwa, story of twisting of Mandara Giri mountain in the milky ocean, Ksirarnawa, by the gods and giants to obtain tirta amerta(the holy water of immortality)

Goddess Kaikeyi Parenting Snake (2009 - 2009) by AnonymousARMA Museum

Goddess Kaikeyi Parenting Snake

This story is taken from the life story of goddess Kaikeyi who lost in second-guessing and punished by her husband to parenting hundreds of snakes.

The Meditation of Arjuna (1996 - 1996) by AnonymousARMA Museum

The Meditation of Arjuna

From the Arjuna Wiwaha. The painting depicts Indra as the king of Indraloka with Bhagawan Wrahaspati, the priest of heaven. Below, Arjuna is in meditation on Mount Indrakila.

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Operational Director of Museum : A. A. Gde Yudi Sadona
Photographer: Agus Mahardika
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