Benni Bosetto

"Hype(r)-links” and “hype(r)-narratives"

By La Galleria Nazionale

Stimolander d.f (To stimulate endorphins) (2019) by Benni BosettoLa Galleria Nazionale

Even the poorest and most squalid life can be seen as an Aeschilean drama if one thinks of the tragedy of functions, the whispers of secretions, the silences of the organs, the efforts of memory, the groping of the voice, the blood that revolves, the deadly miasmas, the fights between microorganisms, and then sperm wars, cell eruptions, nerve pestilences, biochemical predestinations, the fate that gradually introduces you to the final disease, the sores, the breaking boils, the snakes of madness, the furious bitches of Hunger.

Benni Bosetto

Benni Bosetto
(Born in Milan in 1987. She lives in Amsterdam.)

Benni Bosetto investigates complex concepts such as the contrast and ambiguity between reality and fiction through the creation of suggestive multimedia devices combining design, sculpture, installation and performance.

Her research gives shape to an unprecedented narration, located between the dream and the real, in which it seems possible to experience a primary communicative dimension thanks to a pre-verbal language involving the gesture and the body, a central element in the practice of the artist.

Anthropology and art are contaminated to give life to great theatrical representations, which are visually cathartic, full of cultured references, in a refined dance of light suspensions or drawings covering whole walls.

By collecting stories and images from different and apparently disconnected sources, the artist has created her own personal iconographic and literary archive from which to draw to develop a purely subjective language that aims to probe the complexity of the human being.

These narrative sources are selected by the artist with a purely intuitive method to transform them into “hyper-links” and “hyper-narratives”, in which ethnology, anthropology, legends, myths, news and religious beliefs are used as working tools, as if they were some sort of color palette.

The artist collects, assembles and combines images that are analyzed and decoded through drawing, and it is through this practice that they undergo a transformation, freeing themselves from the weight of history, the original contents or the past they represent.

The drawing therefore represents the moment of transformation in which the narrative elements come together to merge different realities into a single and uncertain matter.

Benny Bosetto’s art is cultured, esoteric and full of mysterious references. Her fascinating and ambiguous works, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional, express the uncanny quality of her thought with an extraordinary power.

Paola Ugolini

Credits: Story

Benni Bosetto and Paola Ugolini
Works cited: Guido Ceronetti, Il silenzio del corpo. Materiali per studio di medicina, Adelphi, Milano, 1979, p. 52

Credits: All media
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