Tour of The King's Chamber

Virtual tour of the King's Chamber at the Palace of Versailles in 360°

These were the bed chambers of Louis XIV from 1701, and where the King's getting-up and going-to-bed ceremonies took place. At 8.30am, the First Valet would say “Sire, it is time to get up”. Then, the King was washed, combed, shaved and dressed before breakfast.

At around 1pm, he would dine at his Private Table; a small square table with gold cutlery, facing the windows. At 11pm, the King went to bed following the same ceremony as for getting up, but in reverse.

Bed from the King’s Chamber

The bed on display in the King’s Chamber, which has been there since 1701, is a reproduction of the summer furnishings in use between 1723 and 1785, commissioned by Louis XV when he returned to live in the Palace.

"Louis XIV” clockPalace of Versailles

"Louis XIV” clock

The base contains the barometer, accompanying a rich ornamentation in gilded bronze, in particular the mascaron decoration and the feet in spiral spindles. This design by Boulle met with great success and was copied by various clockmakers.

Bust of Louis XIV, CoysevoxPalace of Versailles

The sovereign is depicted as a warlord and is wearing armour onto which fall the locks of his wig, a veritable exercise in virtuosity. The haughty bearing of the head and the distant stare give this official portrait its great strength.

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