The Great Friday Mosque of Niono

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The Friday Mosque of Niono is located in the region of Ségou, capital of Mali’s fourth largest administrative and economic region. Right in the center of the town of Niono, the mosque is no more than a few dozen meters from the market.

Construction work began in 1948. Work continued between 1955 and 1956 with the addition of six transverse spans on the southern side, as well as another extension on the western side in 1959, supervised by the same architect.

The mosque currently occupies a total area of 1,800 m² and includes the following: the main building, which covers 658m²; the mausoleum that is home to the tomb of the mosque’s first imam; and the women’s prayer hall and annexes.

Thanks to its majestic position among mudbrick houses, the mosque’s main minaret on the western façade makes it hard to miss. This tower faces three other minarets located along the eastern extension; the central minaret is larger than the other two on either side.

A masterpiece of Sudanese architecture, the mosque won the first Aga Khan Award for Architecture in Istanbul (Turkey) in 1983.

A plastering ceremony is held every year and brings together every strata of society from Niono’s population.

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Dr. Ali Ould Sidi, Technical Advisor at the Malian Ministry of Culture

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