Isukha Music and Dance

Discover the traditional musical celebrations of the Isukha community

By National Museums of Kenya

Isukha MusicianNational Museums of Kenya

Meet the Isukha

The Isukha (also referred to as Abaisukha) are a sub-community of the larger Luhya (Abaluyia) community in Kenya. They are well known across the country for their traditional Isukuti dance, which is performed by both the Ishukha people and their close relatives the Idakho.

DrumNational Museums of Kenya

It is a rapid dance accompanied by drumming of the isukuti drums, from which the dance drives its name. Both men and women participate in this dance, usually led by a soloist.

LyreNational Museums of Kenya

The dance is now popular amongst the entire Abaluyia community, and is inscribed by UNESCO in the world heritage list.

FiddleNational Museums of Kenya

This one-stringed instrument (Shiriri or fiddle) is made of wood from the mukorani tree. The resonator is covered with cowhide. It was made and played by men to accompany singing.

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