Deriving Perspectives through Cinema

Indian films deriving ideas and point-of-views that help dealing with the challenges of everyday living.

Manjil by Kalpana PicturesUltra Media & Entertainment

Cinema bears a unique capacity to derive newer perspectives that one can embrace as he/she goes through highs and lows of life.

This exhibit, looks at some instances wherein Indian cinema is deriving intriguing perspectives towards the struggles of everyday living.

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It is often said that art is a reflection of the society.

As much as this sentence means that values and actions prevalent in society are depicted in the art-works,

 it is also saying that art helps to review social-political as well as personal aspects of our lives.

Since cinema's forte is to look at life with the lens of the camera,  thus   cinema has a distinct ability to showcase  the prevalent actions of life, as well as to reflect over them.

Naukar by Ismail FilmsUltra Media & Entertainment

While administrative systems, constitutions, legal statutes etc. may  create a semblance of justice and equality in the society; 

the truth is that our everyday lives meet so many complexities, quandaries, attractions, desires,  events and happenings, that are far too baffling for any external system or institution to solve easily.

Only certain perspectives gained out of reflection and review help a person to make reconciliations with events and circumstances for which prevalent systems have no resolution. 

InsaniyatUltra Media & Entertainment

Reconciling with Livelihood Struggles

The struggle to generate income often makes an individual to accomplish impossible feat. 

In this scene from the film 'Insaniyat', the sweet-seller has forged an interesting bond with his pet monkey, in order to attract the buyers.

Naukar by Ismail FilmsUltra Media & Entertainment

Seeing Beyond Master-Servant Dichotomy

It is common that masters find a match among the masters and servants among the servants, but this film creates a twist in the narrative. 

This scene from the film 'Nauker' features the plausibility of love that overlooks such dichotomies.

ManzilUltra Media & Entertainment

Misunderstandings Destroying an Endearing Relationship

'Manzil' narrates story of Raju, who has become a star-musician, but finds his success meaningless, because Pushpa, his love, has married someone else. 

Pushpa on the other hand, got married because she misunderstood Raju's association with another woman.

BindiyaUltra Media & Entertainment

Disruptions That We Allow Others to Make

'Bindya' is about Devraj and his wife Bindya, who were living an ideal married life with their family, till Devraj's step sister, Nandini joined them in their home. 

Nandini misinforms Devraj about Bindya's association with their cook. On the other hand, Bindya also becomes suspicious of Devraj and Nandini's association.

InsaniyatUltra Media & Entertainment

When Two Friends Fall in Love with the Same Person

This scene from the film, 'Insaniyat', depicts the peculiar instance when two dear friends face a dispute because of their liking for the same person.

While Bhanu doesn't want to come between Durga and Mangal, Mangal sacrifices his love for Durga when he realizes Durga seeks to be with Bhanu.

Main Bhi Ladki HoonUltra Media & Entertainment

The Discovery of A Person Beneath Her Skin

In the film, 'Main Bhi Ladki Hoon' because of a certain play of events, Ram gets married to Rajni.

Rajni is a girl with dark complexion who is also illiterate.
Ram and his father are initially disapproving of Rajni, but later they repent their behavior towards her as they get to know of Rajni's noble heart. 

GrahastiUltra Media & Entertainment

Accidents of Life That Make Unacceptable Acceptable

Polygamy is commonly unaccepted in the modern lives.

But in the film, 'Grahasti', Harish loses his wife Maya, in Burma in a war-attack.  Later he gets married to the younger sister of his late wife, till one day he receives letter informing that his first wife is still alive.

It is commonly presumed that films are entertaining because of their larger than life projections of characters and stories.

But if one looks closely, it is possible to discover that we find films so engaging because in films there is an opportunity to discover a perspective that may speak to our own life.

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