Klea: Art x Engineering

Art inspired by engineering

By Museum of Engineering Innovation

Klea (2019-05-29) by Ted Humble-SmithMuseum of Engineering Innovation

Winner of the 1993 MacRobert Award: KLEA

Klea 134a is an ozone-friendly substitute for chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which contribute to ozone depletion in the atmosphere.

It provided a safe, energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative to CFCs and has been used since the 1990s in refrigeration and air conditioning. 

While Klea 134a is now being replaced by more modern refrigerants, its role in helping to protect the ozone layer shows the power of concerted global action to safeguard the environment. 

The artist’s image reflects on the global emergency posed by CFCs damaging the ozone layer, acknowledged in the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

ICI - winners of the MacRobert Award

Artist Ted Humble-Smith was inspired by the Klea134a ozone-benign refrigerant to mark the 50th Anniversary of the MacRobert Award

50 years of the MacRobert AwardMuseum of Engineering Innovation

MacRobert Award for Engineering Innovation: Fran Scott interviews Ted Humble-SmithMuseum of Engineering Innovation

Photographer Ted Humble-Smith (2019-05-29) by Ted Humble-SmithMuseum of Engineering Innovation

The artist inspired by engineering

Ted Humble-Smith is a photographer and director who brings a sense of magic to the meticulous conceptual images he creates for the luxury fashion, beauty, jewellery, and business worlds.       

Photographer Ted Humble-Smith (2019-05-29) by Ted Humble-SmithMuseum of Engineering Innovation

Ted Humble-Smith uses his imagination and technical expertise to produce vibrant images that push the boundaries of commercial photography. He talked to engineers involved in MacRobert Award-winning projects to picture the concepts behind the innovations. His images capture the thought process behind the breakthroughs, rather than illustrating the innovations’ technical workings.      

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