Discover the Ancient City of Sagalassos, Turkey

Ancient ruins bordered by the tall mountains of coastal Turkey.

Ancient City of Sagalassos by Bruno VandermeulenGlobal Heritage Fund

Welcome to Sagalassos

The ancient city of Sagalassos lies 60 miles from the coast in southwestern Turkey. Once a bustling Roman metropolis, the city featured monumental structures, colossal baths and a 9,000-seat theatre. 

Remains in Sagalassos by Orçun EdipoğluGlobal Heritage Fund

Spearheaded by the University of Leuven in Belgium, the excavation of Sagalassos has revealed a massive city center, well-preserved theater, and colossal statues of the emperors Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius. 

Ancient City of Sagalassos by Jason DruryGlobal Heritage Fund

The city's extreme isolation has been both a blessing and a curse. Although largely protected from looting and vandalism, the remains of Sagalassos have continuously suffered from weathering and ongoing erosion. 

Remains in Sagalassos by Orçun EdipoğluGlobal Heritage Fund

As the fragile remains crumble, the larger cultural network has also deteriorated. Few youth are left to learn traditional crafts and building techniques. Irreplaceable local skills are fading away. 

Protecting Remains of Sagalassos, Turkey by Bruno VandermeulenGlobal Heritage Fund

To protect Sagalassos, Global Heritage Fund has partnered with KU Leuven and the Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project (SARP) to conserve the archaeological remains and engage the community through training workshops.

Mudbrick Training Near Sagalassos, Turkey by Mustafa GonenGlobal Heritage Fund

To preserve their cultural heritage, local workers train in traditional building methods such as masonry and earthen architecture, learning techniques vital for the preservation of Sagalassos’s delicate archaeological remains. 

Ancient City of Sagalassos by Bruno VandermeulenGlobal Heritage Fund

The trainees also receive certification through KU Leuven and can translate their new skills into work at other building sites.

Ceramic Training Near Sagalassos, Turkey by Yildiz YagciGlobal Heritage Fund

In the nearby town of Ağlasun, craftswomen learn to create and market regional products, enhancing their ceramic-making skills in order to improve their livelihoods.

Ancient City of Sagalassos by Bruno VandermeulenGlobal Heritage Fund

By transforming traditional building techniques and crafts into modern skills, local residents draw on innovation and entrepreneurship to protect both the area’s history and their own cultural heritage.

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Explore how Global Heritage Fund builds local capacities in restoration and crafts training to sustainably protect the irreplaceable historic remains of Sagalassos, Turkey.

Sagalassos, Turkey

Regional Ceramic Workshop Empowers Women to Protect Cultural Heritage of Sagalassos

Breathing New Life into Sagalassos Conservation

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