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Who is Bilel Allem ?

Bilel ALLEM is a graphic artist specializing in mural painting, animated film and digital art. Hybrid in inspiration and form, his art blends techniques and graphic codes acquired along the way.

Détail d'une œuvre de Bilel Allem (2020) by Bilel AllemRmn-Grand Palais

A free and surreal identity

Born somewhere between Hip Hop graffiti and Japanese manga, self-taught at first, then a graduate of the École des Métiers de l'animation in Angoulême, Bilel Allem is an artist with a free, surrealist identity.

Rubik's par Bilel Allem (2021) by Bilel AllemRmn-Grand Palais


Rubik's is a 200m2 Augmented Reality mural in Maubeuge, France. Shapes and colors dance before the public's eyes as they pass their phones in front of the work using the OLO application created by the artist.

Rubik's par Bilel AllemRmn-Grand Palais

Color and movement

The creative openness that comes from his training, combined with the visual codes of Hip Hop, results in creations as colorful as 80s rap, as expressive as the heroes of Japanese comics, as committed as the cinema of Spike Lee.

Rubik's - Murale par Bilel Allem (2023) by Bilel AllemRmn-Grand Palais

Reel OLO 2 par Bilel Allem by Bilel AllemRmn-Grand Palais

Even more movement

In 2020, Bilel Allem created OLO, an application that brings painted graphic works to life using Augmented Reality. Innovative, futuristic and fun, it animates murals or master paintings in museums.

Discover Bilel Allem's design for the Saint-Denis Skate Park, HERE!

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