By Goshka Macuga

GONOGO (2021) by Goshka MacugaMayor of London

Giving an Alternative Perspective

Goshka Macuga’s sculpture is influenced by the status check of space missions which takes place before a rocket launch. Post-covid, it feels like the end of an era, but also the start on a new one.

GONOGO (2021) by Goshka MacugaMayor of London

GO NO GO symbolises the dual relationship we have with each other, the planet or even nearby countries. It depicts the dilemmas we face, embodying fantasy and reality, aspirations and failure. This project has been extended onto a digital platform to create a space for public engagement, collaboration and activation (gonogo.space).  

GONOGO (2021) by Goshka MacugaMayor of London

The Artist's Style

Goshka takes an interdisciplinary approach to her work by incorporating archival and historical materials and images, multiple types of media, as well as the works of other artists to create new narratives and perceptions of art.  She is known to carry out extensive research to create her artworks and as such can be seen as a visual historian of sorts.

Goshka Macuga Portrait (2020) by Goshka MacugaMayor of London

About the Artist

Goshka was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1967. She left in 1989 for London with the intention of staying for two weeks and 32 years later, she still lives and works here. After studying at Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, she graduated with an MA from Goldsmiths College in 1996.
In 2008, Goshka was one of four nominees for the Turner Prize.

Interview with aritst Goshka Macuga (2021) by Jared SchillerMayor of London

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