19th century art in front of the camera

By La Galleria Nazionale

Una cuffietta bianca (1901) by Lino SelvaticoLa Galleria Nazionale

Art in front of a lens

This collection brings together figures, mainly of women and children, in 19th-century dress, posing as though in front of a lens.

Ritratto di signora (1859) by Celentano BernardoLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di signora (1860) by Giuseppe AbbatiLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di giovinetta (1890) by Vannutelli ScipioneLa Galleria Nazionale

Fashion is one of the phenomena most subject to changes in taste with the passing of time.

Ritratto della Signora Pantaleoni (1894) by Antonio ManciniLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto della figlia Irene (1897) by Cesare TalloneLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di signora (1903) by Paul Albert BesnardLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto di signora (1850) by Eliseo SalaLa Galleria Nazionale

Fashion in XIX Century portraiture

A person's individual taste also evolves throughout their lifetime. Changes to the clothing being worn cause a shift in the image of the self that is communicated to the outside world.

Ritratto di signora (1855) by Domenico IndunoLa Galleria Nazionale

Ritratto della prima moglie, Giovanni Fattori, 1865 ca., From the collection of: La Galleria Nazionale
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Ritratto della fidanzata (1863) by Pietro SaltiniLa Galleria Nazionale

Nerina Badioli (1865 - 1866) by Antonio PuccinelliLa Galleria Nazionale

Outfits and accessories assumed a crucial role in XIX century portraiture, as they were a sign of
belonging to bourgeois society. This was bolstered by the contemporaneous developments in
photographic technology, which helped artists to define the model for the first time, in the process
replacing the graphic arts.

Ritratto di Teresa Maglione Oneto (1879) by Domenico MorelliLa Galleria Nazionale

Le corse al Bois de Boulogne. Nella tribuna; accanto alla stufa; sulla seggiola, Giuseppe De Nittis, 1881, From the collection of: La Galleria Nazionale
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Signora in aperta campagna (1889) by Giacomo GrossoLa Galleria Nazionale

La visita (1868) by Silvestro LegaLa Galleria Nazionale

This is clearly shown in the triptych by Giuseppe de Nittis, which was also completed with the aid of a photograph.

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