Lakes, Forests, and Cottages

Beautiful works of Ukrainian Art from Galagan Art Museum collection. II half of the 20th century.

Wildflowers (1983) by T. YablonskaGalagan Art Museum

Art of Ukraine of the II Half of the 20th Century

After the Second World War, Ukrainian artists devoted their works to peaceful construction, work accomplishment and reflection of the beauty and greatness of local nature.

Tarnovskyi palace (1985) by P. BasanetsGalagan Art Museum

The tendencies of artistic life in Ukraine during the “thaw” period are illustrated by works of A. Plamenytskyi, Ye. Volobuiev, V. Zabashta and S. Hryhoriev.

Rosy early spring (1972) by S. ShyshkoGalagan Art Museum

A special place in the collection belongs to the works of S. Shyshko.

Roses (1965) by P. OrelGalagan Art Museum

Nature landscapes of M. Kohan-Shats and V. Nepyipyvo, works of Chernihiv artists S. Bibik, M. Prokopiuk, O. Snopko and P. Orel that show chamber and lyrical character.

Waters in spring (1955) by O. PashchenkoGalagan Art Museum

The Dnipro distances (1957) by M. HlushchenkoGalagan Art Museum

The inspiration from the nature of the local land brings together the leading figures of art – M. Hlushchenko, T. Yablonska and V. Chehodar.

Snov River (1975) by T. YablonskaGalagan Art Museum

Old Kyiv (1980) by V. ChehodarGalagan Art Museum

People and word of T. Shevchenko (1962) by V. KasiianGalagan Art Museum

Canvases of I.-V. Zadorozhnyi, V. Zaretskyi and V. Kasiian are colored with national sound.

The Girl (1986) by V. ZaretskyiGalagan Art Museum

The Pass (1972) by A. KashshaiGalagan Art Museum

In the II half of the 20th century the problem of the development of regional art schools is becoming urgent in Ukraine.

Still-life with Japanese quince (1972) by V. TsvietkovaGalagan Art Museum

The collection of the museum includes works by Kharkiv, Transcarpathian, Lviv, Odessa and Crimean art schools, represented by V. Pobiedin, H. Kryzhevskyi, S. Sholtes, Y. Bokshai, A. Kashshai, R. Selskyi, F. Zakharov, V. Tsvietkova, Yu. Yehorov.

Guests from Zaporizhzhia (1991/1992) by F. HumeniukGalagan Art Museum

The leading topic in the works of artists of the 1970-1990s M. Derehus, F. Humeniuk, V. Lopata, A. Chebykin and D. Narbut was Ukrainian culture and history.

Violets (1980) by A. ChebykinGalagan Art Museum

Street. Night before Christmas (1981) by D. NarbutGalagan Art Museum

Olesko Castle (1992) by V. LopataGalagan Art Museum

Heritage (1984/1987) by O. KakaloGalagan Art Museum

Chernihiv school is distinguished from the other by stylistic diversity, specificity of color and perfection of the drawing.

Above the Desna (1979) by Y. KripGalagan Art Museum

The naivism of O. Potapenko, the abstraction of Ye. Krip and T. Diedova testifies to the active search for the personal formula of world redevelopment.

Self-portrait (1991) by V. YemetsGalagan Art Museum

Realistic orientation of V. Yemets, L. Zaborovskyi, V. Natalushko and other artists confirms the living energy of the artistic environment of the Chernihiv region.

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