Tour the Toyosu Market

Step inside this established fish market in Tokyo, Japan

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Toyosu Market opened its doors in October 2018 and has established itself in the metropolitan area, replacing the Tsukiji Market. The market's biggest feature is that it can protect products from the effects of outside weather and can maintain the freshness of the fish. It also not only offers easy distribution and stable pricing across the variety of fresh food products that were traded in Tsukiji Market, but the market meets the high expectation of modern consumers for food safety. Step inside the market and explore for yourself...

Welcome to the market

Toyosu market is split into three areas depending on the products being sold: the Seafood Wholesale Market Building, the Seafood Intermediate Wholesale Building, and the Fruits and Vegetables Building.

Step inside

This area on the third floor introduces you to Toyosu Market’s history and and its unique features. You can also take a photo with a bluefin tuna model or the official macot of the market, Itchino.

Eat fresh sushi at the restaurants

You can visit Toyosu market from 5am to 5pm. There are many places to eat but make a note that opening hours differ from restaurant to restaurant. Some restaurants close at noon, so it is recommended to visit earlier in the day.

See the big bluefin tuna

On the second floor in the Seafood Wholesale Market Building, you can find a model of the biggest bluefin tuna ever traded in the Tsukiji Market – you will be surprised by its size.

Observe the tuna auction

You might even get the chance to observe the tuna auction by registering to the lottery system in advance. The auction has a unique atmosphere and is filled with energy, similar to the auctions that were held in Tsukiji Market.

Scan for more info

Make use of the visitor's guide when walking around. By scanning the QR code on the panels placed around the buildings, you can find more detailed information about Toyosu market.

Learn before you buy

Find the exhibition panels on the third floor of the Seafood Intermediate Wholesale Building that introduce seasonal fish and the best ways to prepare them. You can make use of this information when buying and eating fish at the market.

Take a pic with a truck

You can also take photos with turret trucks that are used frequently in the market.

Find the fruits and veg

On the second floor in the Fruits and Vegetables Building, you can watch the fruit and veg being sold on the floor below. From this observation deck, you get a view of the entire wholesale area.

Walk down the colorful corridor

There are twelve windows in the observation deck and they are colored based on the seasonal fruits and vegetables of each month (e.g. shungiku, rape flower, peach, chestnut). This makes the place feel like an art museum.

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