Girl with Death Mask

Explore this painting by Frida Kahlo, from the collection of the Nagoya City Art Museum.

Girl with Death Mask [Niña con máscara de calavera] (1938) by Frida KahloNagoya City Art Museum

In this work, Girl with Death Mask, the theme of death from which no one can escape is taken up. It was painted while Frida Kahlo was mourning the death of her own baby by miscarriage.

"Death" was the most intimate theme for Kahlo, who always lived in close contact with it. The traditional Mexican idea of death is reflected on each motif in this painting.

The death mask worn by the girl is a toy for the "Day of the Dead".

The marigolds in her hand are to be offered at a grave to guide the spirits of the dead.

The "Tiger Mask" at her feet was used as a talisman to protect the child against evil.

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