Marcus Rashford

Spotlight on footballer and activist Marcus Rashford MBE. Walk through the street of the Manchester mural and learn about his life and impact on supporting equality.

Marcus Rashford, forward for Manchester United, born and raised in Withington, South Manchester, worked for his community on and off the pitch. 

Withington is home to a now iconic mural, which you can visit in Streetview

Love is stronger than hateNational Football Museum

His efforts were recognized, appreciated, and returned as he faced adversity during the Euro 2020 Championship.

His campaigning started with local foodbanks, providing support for those going hungry. This transcended from Wythenshawe to Westminster as he persuaded the government to do the same. The respect for him as a player and person has catapulted from his efforts over 2020.

Marcus Rashford 'Rashford 1 Boris 0' Banner (2020) by Wythenshawe Whisperers and Joe FarrarNational Football Museum

'Rashford 1 Boris 0' Banner

This banner was created during Rashford's campaign to overturn the government's decision not to provide free school meal vouchers during the summer holidays of 2020. The campaign was widely supported and the change in decision benefitted 1.3 million children in the UK. 

'Marcus 1 Boris 0' Banner (2020) by Wythenshawe WhisperersNational Football Museum

The banner, created from a bed sheet and spray paint, holds value in its representation of the people's voice supporting Marcus and the campaign. The Wythenshawe Whisperers, local to South Manchester were responsible for it's creation and donation to the museum. 

TIME Magazine featuring Marcus Rashford (2021) by TIMENational Football Museum


Rashford's influence transcends the football field, even the sport. He was recognized by another sporting great, Lewis Hamilton, in this issue of TIME magazine as being a powerful figure in in the media, influencing politics, football and pushing the limits of possibility.  

Daily Mirror and Metro newspapers (2021) by DMG Media and Reach plcNational Football Museum

Daily Mirror & Metro Newspaper

Newspapers showing a reflection of the nation after the Euro 2020 final, when England played Italy and lost to penalties. Perceived as the underdog in the competition, England’s progression to the final was a remarkable achievement, bringing people together.

The nation's Three Lions

The targeted abuse of Rashford, Sancho and Saka reminded us of the ugly face of racism in football that need not exist. The magnitude of the nation’s reaction to the abuse was evident that racism won’t be tolerated as an occupational hazard for black footballers in this country.

Marcus Rashford Mural

The mural, created by Akse P19, was vandalized after the Euro 2020 Final, England v Italy. Manchester's reaction was to shower the site with love: the artist repaired the mural, and the residents of Withington adorned the site with messages of love and pride. 

Visit the mural

Virtually on Streetview 
There are numerous Manchester partners involved in the ongoing preservation of the mural including: Withington Walls project, Manchester Art Gallery, Central Library's Archives department, the People's History Museum, and University of Manchester

NFM headed over to the mural to hear from the people of Manchester who were leaving messages, showcasing love, support and the power of unity. 

Love is stronger than hateNational Football Museum

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