BTS x GAC: Top Picks from Art History

Meet the members and learn what art means to each of them

By Google Arts & Culture

BTS 'Butter' @World Cup Bridge (2021)BIGHIT MUSIC

Perhaps the world's biggest pop group, BTS are also art aficionados. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, each member has curated a Street Gallery with artworks that reflect their personal story, as well as the message of love, acceptance, and hope championed by the band.

Scroll on to meet the members of the band and read, in their own words, what their favorite artworks mean to them.

RM of BTS (November 28, 2021)BIGHIT MUSIC


For RM, art is a bridge to the past, linking Korean and global heritage to the present. "That's what art feels like to me: timeless", he says. But can he pick a favourite work?

백자 달항아리 조선|白磁壺 朝鮮|Moon jar 백자 달항아리 조선|白磁壺 朝鮮|Moon jar (second half of the 18th century)The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Moon Jar, Joseon dynasty

"It's hard to pick a "favorite" artwork but moon jars have always had a special place in my heart. Each moon jar is made by combining two halves that are made separately. So each piece is unique – just like a person."

"Its roundness and milky color resemble the moon and it brings tranquility to my mind". Now explore RM's full Street Gallery, curated on the walls of Namdaemun, Seoul.

j-hope of BTS (2021)BIGHIT MUSIC


Fittingly, given his name, j-hope looks to art that celebrates "strength and hopefulness". Scroll on for his introduction to one of his favorites...

Genius of the Dance (1864) by Jean-Baptiste CarpeauxThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Genius of the Dance, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

"Genius of the dance? Are you talking about me? Before debuting with BTS, I took dance lessons for years and was even a part of an underground dance group."

"Whenever I dance, I feel as free as this statue." Click to explore j-hope's other picks.



"As someone who is defined by my dreams, art, just like music, is very close to me", says SUGA. "It's through art and music that I remind myself that anything is possible when we allow ourselves to dream." So, what's his top pick?

Study of a Sleeping Cat (mid-17th century) by Jan MielThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Study of a Sleeping Cat, Jan Miel

"Look, it's a drawing of me! As all BTS fans know, I am a Sleepy Boy". Click here to see the full Street Gallery.

Jin of BTS (December 3, 2021)BIGHIT MUSIC


"I've found that art, just like music, can be a great healer", says Jin. 

The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1562) by Pieter Bruegel the ElderRoyal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Fall of the Rebel Angels, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

"Quiz time: Can you spot this famous painting in one of our music videos?The painting is about the struggle between good and evil. We all have a little of both, right?"

"But who's winning here, the angels or the demons? You decide". Step into Jin's Street Gallery in São Paulo for more.

V of BTS, BE Concept photo (Candid photo) (2020)BIGHIT MUSIC


With a keen eye and a hungry lens, V loves photography. The camera "allows me to discover places in all of their depth and beauty". But what artwork most inspired this love of beauty?

Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat (obverse: The Potato Peeler) (1887/1887) by Vincent van GoghThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Self Portrait with a Straw Hat, Vincent van Gogh

"Van Gogh is one of my all time favorite artists – his work is so alive. In this self-portrait, you can see the intensity he brought to everything he did".

"He really felt what he painted, and that's something I completely relate to as a singer and photographer". Click to see this and other artworks virtually curated by V on the streets of London.

Jimin of BTS (November 27, 2021)BIGHIT MUSIC


Art has helped Jimin go on "a journey of self-love and acceptance" recently. Here, he introduces an artwork of particular importance to that journey...

Mechanical box-shaped greeting card: dancing and bucholic scene, Cupid brings bouquets. (1875) by AnonymousThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mechanical Greetings Card, anonymous, 1875

"We're always telling other people to be happy and love themselves. It is time to tell ourselves that as well."

On this journey through personal and traditional histories, Jimin feels that "Now I'm more and more attentive to how I feel and what I want, and I finally feel like I'm allowed to be happy". Go further on the journey with Jimin by visiting his Street Gallery.

Jung Kook of BTS (2022)BIGHIT MUSIC

Jung Kook

"I guess you could call me a modern Renaissance man", says Jung Kook with a wink. All types of artistic expression are important to him. But is there maybe one work that best communicates what art means to Jung Kook?

Clasped Hands of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1853, cast after 1853) by Harriet Goodhue HosmerThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hands of Robert/Elizabeth Barret Browning, Harriet Hosmer

"As the youngest member of the group, I grew up with BTS. The other members held my hand through various difficulties and challenges".

"I truly believe we came this far because we always supported each other". Take a virtual trip through Jung Kook's full Street Gallery, here.

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