Lebanon Through Art Posters

Learn about 4 decades of art posters in Lebanon

American University of Beirut

Based on Cesar Nammour's introduction to art posters in Lebanon.

The art poster in Lebanon got a quick start in the mid-sixties with the multiplication of art exhibitions in Beirut (starting with Yousef El Khal's Gallery One).

Black and White : Exhibition by Laure GhorayebAmerican University of Beirut

It reached its golden age in the early seventies with the increase in number of art galleries and art events in the cultural centers.

Makhoul 79 : arts and crafts by Elmas KayaliAmerican University of Beirut

The poster was the sign of prestige for the gallery, and was regarded a required instrument of promotion for the exhibit and the artist despite of its limited exposure.

Of Men & Horses by Rafic CharafAmerican University of Beirut

Poster production continued during the eighties despite of Lebanon's civil war and the reduced number of galleries.

Elbacha by Amine El-BachaAmerican University of Beirut

They were produced by the art galleries and the cultural centers to announce exhibitions to the public. 

Mamoud Zibawi : Oils by Mahmoud ZibawiAmerican University of Beirut

Pierre Sadek 80 by Pierre SadekAmerican University of Beirut

Distributed in Ras Beirut along Hamra street and its side streets to announce an event, they were oriented towards the educated elite to emphasize the artistic event.

Agopian by Krikor AgopianAmerican University of Beirut

A Week of Islamic Art by Wajih NahleAmerican University of Beirut

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Based on the introduction 'AUB COLLECTION OF ART POSTERS IN LEBANON' by Cesar Nammour.

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