Taihang Mountains

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Taihang Mountains by Jia YoufuCAFA Art Museum

"Taihang Mountains" is one of a series of paintings of these mountains by Jia Taifus.

This work is an 8-foot (2.45-meter) tall painting in ink on paper, in the traditional landscape style of China's Northern school of painters, with its composition based around an indomitable mountain soaring high up into the sky.

It depicts Taihang's high mountains, shaped over millions of years, and their unique cliffs, precipices, valleys, and ravines.

Jia used a realistic technique as part of his creative method to depict the characteristics of the Taihang Mountains. But he did not stop at a simple, faithful reproduction.

Instead, he used his imagination to combine and reconstruct natural representations according to the laws of beauty.

He did not limit himself to the actual scenery, but emphasized the creation of a certain atmosphere to portray the soul of the mountains.

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