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By New National Theatre, Tokyo

New National Theatre, Tokyo

The building of New National Theatre, Tokyo was designed by Takahiko Yanagisawa and opened in 1997.
Since its opening, the theatre is beloved and recognized as a symbol of the rich cultural experience in Japan.

Gallery of New National Theatre, Tokyo by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo

The Entrance

This space is popular among the people working around this area as the best location to have lunch.
As you can see, the space gives an open feeling to the visitors.
Everyone can come and walk around inside the theatre freely every day.

The Three Theatres

The building comprises three types of theatres, Opera Palace, Playhouse and the Pit.

Opera Palace Opera Palace by Photo: Chikashi SaegusaOriginal Source: Access & Service

Opera Palace

The Opera Palace has 1,814 seats as a full capacity. 
It was constructed mainly for opera and ballet performance. 
According to the research in 2000 based on the questionnaires from 21 opera conductors, the acoustic system of New National Theatre Tokyo takes second place in the ranking of theatres in the world.

The Seat and Auditorium

The architecture Yanagisawa realized the interior of the auditorium as a rare structure, constituting of wood material for the ceiling, the walls, the floor as well as the chairs in order to achieve "a musical instrument called a theatre" = the ideal for achieving the best -possible sound in all seats.

Backstage of the Opera Palace Backstage of the Opera PalaceNew National Theatre, Tokyo

The Backstage

This proscenium arch theatre contains four stage areas of the same size: the main stage visible to the audience, a rear stage and left and right wings. 

This structure was established according to European theatre architecture specifically for opera and ballet which accommodates different productions to be presented every night.

Orchestra Pit Orchestra PitNew National Theatre, Tokyo

The Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit has room for a full 120-person orchestra.

Foyer of the Opera Palace by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo


The Opera Palace foyer features majestic columns, a full-length wall of glass, balconies on each floor, and refreshment stations.

The PlayhouseOriginal Source: Playhouse

The Playhouse

The capacity is about 1,000 seats. 
The Playhouse is for Drama and contemporary dance performances. And NNTT often lend this theatre to other company so the it is sometimes used for musical performances as well.

The structure can be configured in two ways: a proscenium style divided into four picture-frame sections, or an open-apron stage protruding partway into the auditorium. The versatile theatre can be adapted to the diverse styles of contemporary  performing arts and showcases various kinds of performances, principally drama and dance. 

Foyer of the Play House by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo


This expansive foyer with its distinctive row of round columns is a perfect place to discuss the day's performance. Refreshments are available.

The Pit

It is located in the underground floor has 468 capacity at most.
The space is flexible and movable, so we can create the stage as the director wishes. Most of our drama performances are staged here.

The Pit, Original Source: The Pit
The Pit, Original Source: The Pit
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This open-space theatre featuring a movable floor for both the stage and seating areas - vertically moving this floor can create precisely the right layout for any staging.
The versatile venue transforms freely from a traditional end stage to a thrust stage with the stage centre extending into the auditorium, to a centre stage with seating both in front of and behind the stage, and even to an arena stage with seats surrounding the stage on all sides.

The Pit, Original Source: The Pit
The Pit, Original Source: The Pit
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Information Centre

The Information Centre is a place where visitors, researchers and others in the performing arts can come to study and find information covering the wide spectrum of the performing arts.

Information Centre by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo

Reading Room

In the reading room, guests can read books on the contemporary performing arts, browse materials on theatre technology, and examine musical scores, production programmes and play scripts. 
Its collection now comprises approximately 70,000 volumes.

Video Booth in Information Centre by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo

The Video Booth

In the video booths and the video theatre, guests can view video footage from nearly 500 of the NNTT performances and other contents.

Our Service

In addition to maintaining the high quality of our performances, we endeavour to ensure the quality of the theatregoing experience. The New National Theatre, Tokyo is dedicated to making a day at the theatre an enriching, memorable experience.

※In light of our prevention measures for COVID-19, some service are currently not available. Please refer to the website for the latest information.


NNTT provide a range of options in terms of food and drink.

Italian Restaurant Maestro by Photo: Hajime KatoOriginal Source: レストラン マエストロ

Italian Restaurant "Maestro"

On the third floor of the building, we have an Italian restaurant "Maestro". The visitors can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. There is a pre- and after- theatre menu, weather you wish to dine before or following a performance. Also, at times there is even a special intermission menu, depending on the performance.

Petit Choux à la crème served at the foyer (2017)New National Theatre, Tokyo

Buffet at the Foyer of the Opera Palace

Before the performance and during the intervals, the audience can have a glass of champagne, canapé and Choux à la Crème at the buffet corner.

Box Office (Ticket Centre) by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo

Box Office & General Information Desk

Located in the main entrance area.
The Box Office sells tickets and provides information about NNTT's productions.
The General Information Desk provides information about NNTT facilities.

Kids Room: Do-Re-MiNew National Theatre, Tokyo

Kids Room: DO-RE-MI

The NNTT offers a nursery service for visitors with children.

Relaxing at the theatre

Roof Top GardenNew National Theatre, Tokyo

The Rooftop Garden

NNTT maintains a rooftop garden; a space for our visitors to relax.

The Pond in front of the Opera Palace by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo

The Pond

Looking out from the Opera Palace foyer, visitors are treated to a soothing view of a crystal-clear pool.

Terrace Garden by Photo: Hajime KatoNew National Theatre, Tokyo

Terrace Garden

The Opera Palace foyer opens onto the Terrace Garden, a lovely place to relax during the interval.

We all look forward to welcoming you!

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